What is your pay schedule?

When do you get paid and how often? The last of the month? The 15th and the 30th? Ever other Friday?

I currently pay myself once a month, on the last Friday of the month.

15th and last. Or whatever’s closest, if those fall on weekends.

Bi-weekly. Commonwealth law prohibits longer periods.

Every other Friday. Three paychecks in April! Yay!

Monthly on the last Friday of the month.

Same as CS, although we get paid on the preceding day rather than the closest day if it’s a weekend (or holiday).

We also have some part-time staff who are paid biweekly.

I pay us (me and two others) every Monday. It’s direct deposit and it usually gets to the bank by Wednesday.

Last Friday and next Friday. Husband gets paid today and continues to alternate. Direct deposit usually arrives Thursday in both cases.

Every two weeks, on Friday. Twenty-six pay periods annually.

Back in the pre-kids days when my wife worked, she got paid the same way but on alternate Fridays. It was nice getting a new direct deposit every week.

Monthly. Technically on the 1st, but the county makes electronic deposits on the last work day of the month, so if you use that option (and I do) you get paid up to 3 days earlier than the 1st, depending on the month.

Self employed. My employees are paid every two weeks. I take a draw when I need $$.

Semi-monthly, 7th and 22nd.

We’re paid on the 5th and the 20th, and it totally sucks. Nobody seems to get that the 5th check is not the first check of the current month, but the last check of the previous. I wish, I wish we were paid every two weeks.

Every other Friday, but I preferred it when I was getting paid on the 1st and 15th.

Every other Friday.

Annually on the 13th of November we all receive our salaries in gold bullion.

Y’all have something against gold?

<cue crickets>

OK, every other Friday. Three paychecks in April!

<hey wait… that sounds familiar>

This. And the direct deposit usually hits a day before “pay day”.

15th and last day.

Every other Friday. I occasionally work a part-time job and that check comes every Friday.

The wife and I are both on SSDI. 2nd and 4th Wednesday.