Congratulations to the Wallabies who defeated the British and Irish Lions in a series for the first time in 102 years. All in front of a packed Stadium Australia in Sydney. Good on ya fellas.

That’ll show those smug Pommy bastards!
[sub]ahem That is to say, “Thank you for a damn fine game, old chaps. Must do it again one day, eh what?”[/sub]

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Talk about pinching a win.

While neither kicker was on form, Wilkinson (Lions) had a real off day and missed two that I thought were gimme’s.

The Lions get a one man advantage for 10 minutes but only get one scrum to really exploit it and then turn the ball over.

The Lions get a line-out about 10m out with 2 mins to go. One of their highly effective rolling mauls would see a try and a series win and Justin Harrison (not a bad debut BTW!) knocks the ball out of Martin Johnston’s hands and secures possession.

I fear London_Calling and Co will be spitting fish and chips over this one. Hey fellas, we still loves ya! Really!

And we were so close to Rafter beating Henman at Wimbledon too … O’Grady holds the yellow jersey for two days longer than even he dreamed … Hell, at this rate we’ll make the second round of the World Cup this time!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the game, working there at the time. Actually, I work at the Superdome, right next door. We had a huge night. The Pommie Bastards had their official function on our first two floors and 2700 of them drank 4 semi-trailers’s worth of beer in a little over 2 hours (the pre-match festivities). Then they drank the wine (british footy hooligans with a glass of Chardonnay… quite amusing). Left us bone dry. Our managers drove around to almost every bottle-o in a 10km radius and bought them out… lock, stock and barrels. However, we won, so all that grog went to waste and the Pommie Bastards all went back to their hotels.