Aussie Kids' shows Appreciation Thread

I don’t know how good they are these days but back in my youth and prime I loved:

The Girl From Tomorrow

The Girl From Tomorrow 2: Tomorrow’s End

Elly And Jools

Round The Twist

and latterly,

Half Way Across The Galaxy and Turn Left.
These shows had 10 times the imagination, the sense of fun of American or British shows of similar age groups.

Bananas in Pajamas

snik, snick, snick, snick.

What’s that Skippy?

Snick, snick, snick!

Yeah, but Australia still owes the world an apology for H[sub]2[/sub]O: Just Add Water. My stepdaughter watched that religiously for a while, and I want some of the drugs the scriptwriters had.

I quite agree, some fantastic shows came from Australia.

There once was a wealthy man, who had a wonderful idea.
To bring children from all places, with all kinds of faces.
Together into a sailing ship, there were forty boys and girls.
They would sail their ship all around the globe so they called it “The United World.”

The ship was just three weeks from shore when a hurrican bore down.
The waves were as big as mountains, they thought they would surely drown.
They jumped into the lifeboats, rowed away from the wreck.
They didn’t count them, they hadn’t time, five children were left behind.

The children fought the storm all night, and finally fell asleep.
They didn’t realise the ship had been blown across the reef,
into the Lost Islands.

But hiding in the bushes was a watchful pair of eyes.
And living in the valley were people lost in time.
Ruled over by a tyrant, whose face was in a mask.
The children must defeat him, so they can escape at last,
from the Lost Islands.

The Lost Islands!

So Tony, Mark, and David, Anna, and Soo-Yin
Are left there on the Island, who knows what could begin.
Adventure lies before them, danger lies behind.
And as they go on searching what new troubles will they find?

What, no votes for Hey Dad?

Catch Casey - the brother and sister who ran away from their step-father (?) after causing an almost fatal accident. They lived in a cave on the coast.

You mean Catch Kandy, which is something I can only barely remember from my childhood, but is still quite a persistent one.

Does Heartbreak High count as a kids show?

I’ll second the Round the Twist love, that was a great show.

That’ll be it - after 35 years, I’m amazed I got that close to it! They were definitely on the coast at one point - that was where the smell of frying bacon led them to the friendly young bloke who helped them.

The only other details I remember are that they slept in a pile of leaves with their pajamas over their clothes (was that their first night on the run?)

The sister bought a wig to avoid being caught in a shopping mall - years later I stunned to find out that wigs cost hundreds of dollars - what was that little kid doing with so much money?

Missed the edit. GuanoLad was spot on with Catch Kandy - and the song was the sing along story of their parents dying (possibly while Catch was playing a game with some friends) and how their situation got so much worse after belting that guy with the frying pan and ended up with how, these days when people say “Catch Kandy, they’re not … playing … ball…!”

Well, there’s a blast from the past. I remember the DUKW from that.

Anyone else watch Secret Valley, with the theme sung to the tune of *Waltzing Matilda