ID this TV show please

On the Disney channel, around 1995 or so, there was an Austrailian sci-fi show. In this show, a camper pitches a tent by some electrical substation. A bolt of current shot out by the station sends him into an alternate reality. In this reality, the peasants are fighting some elite that has technology. Members of the elite wear suits that allow them to shoot energy blasts when they touch their wrists together. I remember an episode where the main character brings a peasant girl to his native Sydney. Sound familiar to anyone?

I’m very sorry about the triple post. It was a big mistake on my part. Moderator, please eliminate the extra threads if possible.

Oooh! I watched that show but the name escapes me right now. Just spent a long time on the phone with my sister trying to help her with a brand new computer that she’s having trouble with. Brains just a bit scrambled right now. The name will come to me…:smiley:

I think it may have been called “Twist.” I never watched the show, and in my area it showed on a FOX affiliate. I know of it because it used to come on before The Simpsons, and I always caught the end theme song: “Strange things happening when you’re going 'round the twist.”

…Search on IMDB reveals the show’s name to be Round the Twist.

I read the IMDB summary and that isn’t the show I’m thinking about. I appreciate the effort though.

It is called Spellbinder. Found a couple of fan sites but be carefull. One of them has a lot of pop ups. The Google Toolbar killed them dead for me thought. Love that Google Toolbar!

Try this link.
Only one pop up. Much better also.

I would bet it is this show. I saw it and liked it a lot. Titled “Spellbinders.”

Wow! Almost a triple simulpost!

thanks, Wahoo. That’s the show I was thinking about.

Your are very welcome captainQwark and thank you for bringing up the subject. I hadn’t thought about that show in years and now I am remembering more and more since I visited those sites. Pleasant memories I might add. It was a fun show. Wish it was availabe on DVD. Who knows? Someday it might be.

Is there some kind of Australian tradition of really strange teen sci-fi series? I used to catch something called “Tribe” or “Tribes” occasionally, some post-apocalyptic teenage punk thing. Lots of makeup and strangely-colored hair in a reverted-to-nomadic civilization, with Australian accents!

Most strange…

That would be The Tribe which is actually a New Zealand show. A friend of mine, when looking for work in TV, was given a tour of the sets for this programme, and was very excited about the concept. Though I never saw it, I left NZ soon afterward.

Whoops! My apologies to New Zealand for mixing you up with your uncouth neighbors to the west. I keep forgetting that New Zealand is Australia’s Canada… :smiley:

Okay, there is another show that I think was Australian, or from New Zealand. There’s a hidden city whose inhabitants are descended from Egyptians(I think). In the usual fashion some people from “our” world stumble into it, a teenaged boy and girl. The former falls in love with a girl who is the heiress to the throne(naturally). There may be others in the city who, years ago, also came from outside. Anyone?