Aussiebum - are they just the best men's underwear company in the world or what?

I’ve recently discovered Aussiebum as a maker of quality underwear for men and they’re SO good, and they’re really cheap as well (it’s actually cheaper for me to buy their products and have them shipped to the UK from Australia than it is for me to buy them in shops here!). They make really cool pants and they’re mega comfy, especially the stuff they make for sports (the cool range). And their swimwear is great too.

Does anyone else wear these? Any other Aussiebum enthusiasts here? Check out their site - it’s got a lot of eyecandy in it so worth if if ony for that.

Aussiebum shop

Yes, I bought a couple of pairs of undies there earlier this year. They seem reasonable for the price.

They look nice but $22 US for one pair of l-leg boxer/briefs is a bit steep for me.
2-packs of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfigger, Jockey, Joe Boxer I can get for $12.

For another good source of underwear, check out City Boxers.

I’ve never heard of such skivvies but I do enjoy the site.

A lot.

Whilst I’m not saying that it’s soft core porn… :wink:

I know it’s supposed to be good for my sperm count but I really can’t wear boxers - I feel like my goods are flying about all over the place and it’s just not comfy. The thought of playing sport in boxers is too horriyfing to contemplate.

You haven’t sufferred unless you’ve gone riding wearing boxers. :eek: They call the correct garb jockey pants for a reason.

Much of this product line looks like it was designed for the uber-metrosexual. Some of it looks decidedly feminine.

Whatever floats your boat, I suppose, but I know few men who would want to wear anything marketed as “undies.”

The only Aussiebum for me is Pat Rafter’s Bonds Underwear.

Or gay men. Surely the quality of the models is a big clue there.

I’ll be in mah bunk… :cool: