Austin City Limits 2007

I haven’t been to a big music festival in years, and I’ve never been to ACL. So, Austinites, festival-goers, and others with more experience (and no doubt better taste) than I, a bit of advice, if you please.

  1. Any recommendations for acts I’ve never heard of, but shouldn’t miss?
    I’m most interested in seeing The White Stripes, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Crowded House, Reverend Horton Heat, and Heartless Bastards. I don’t recognize ~90% of the rest of the bands (like I said, I have no taste). Who’s good? Also, are there any ‘do not miss’ bands playing the other venues that weekend?

  2. What’s the location like?
    I’ve come to expect to fascist security, long lines, long walks (sometimes involving a bus) from the parking to the entrance, absurdly priced bad food & drink, and overflowing impossible to find porta-johns.


I’d highly recommend skipping the Arctic Monkeys in favor of Muse. They’ve got a really unique yet accessible rock-meets-electronic sound that evokes Queen for me a lot, and they’re supposed to be incredible live.

You can’t miss the Arcade Fire. They put on a very intense show. Tough call between them and the Stripes, though.

Austin natives Spoon are always entertaining, although their live show isn’t the greatest. Check out their latest single “The Underdog” to see if you’d like to hear more.

I’ve never seen LCD Soundsystem, but I imagine their act is pretty cool.

Despite the hype they’ve received around the internets, I’ve heard Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! are atrocious live. Might wanna stay away…

As far as Day 3, I’d recommend The National and Regina Spektor. The National’s second to last record was very good, and Spektor’s latest was one of my favorites from last year.

Here is the home page for the ACL Fest.

I haven’t looked there in a while but I don’t think that they have the acts sorted by stage yet.

The festival takes place in Austin in September. Plan on being very hot and sweaty. Hats, sunscreen and that sort of stuff will be important as will drinking lots of water. There will be security but I don’t know how ‘fascist’ it will be. Given that it is Austin, there will be people smoking pot at the shows.