Austin, TX Dopers - a little help?

I lived in Austin from 1966-1979. While I was there, I stumbled over an historical marker denoting the first use of barbed wire in the state. It was located down on on the north bank of the Colorado, just off the Congress Ave. bridge, in the vicinity of the foot of Brazos Street.

Is that marker still there? If so, could I impose on one of you to go take a picture of it and email me a copy?

Thanks much!

I’m not sure when I will be back downtown, but if I am in the vicinity anytime in the near future, I will try to help you out!

Thanks much in advance!

While you’re waiting, perhaps this will suffice:

Grinninger Fence Marker at the Historical Marker Database.

I work at the Frost tower. I just left myself a reminder to walk over there tomorrow at lunch and see.

Picture sent

Cool website blondebear, good to know that’s around.

The very one. I obviously misremembered where it was located.

Thank you very much!!!

You were only out by about 50 yards. After 30 years, that error can be accounted for by Continental Drift :smiley:

Another pic. (not mine)

Well, that’s nice to know. These days, I’m lucky if I can remember my own name from day to day! :smiley: