I'm going to be in Austin Friday...

I’ve got a job interview in Austin Friday afternoon, and was wondering if any Austin-type Dopers would like to get together for dinner and/or happy hour?

My meeting is on South I-35, so please keep it there. Otherwise, I trust your judgment :slight_smile:


hmm… possibly. I’m going to be going to Houston this weekend, but I can leave a little later.

I don’t know places on south I35, so suggestions welcome.

I think Friday night’s do-able for me, MsRobyn. What kinda food ya want? We’ve got both kinds in Austin- Texican and Mexican. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to Austin Friday after all. Long story.


[hijack]Hi, MsRobyn. I hope this means you got your driver’s license back.[/hijack]

Not quite, but I’m working on it. I requested a copy of my marriage license so I can actually be known by the last name everyone knows me by, instead of my ex-husband’s name.