I'm headed to Houston! Any Dopers wanna take me to dinner??

Well, OK, I’ll be on per diem so I can pick up my own tab. But I will have 3 nights in a strange city and I’d love to dine with any willing souls!

I’ll arrive on Mon, Feb 7 and I really have no desire to hang with my coworkers, so 7, 8, & 9 Feb are up for grabs. I’ll be staying at Holiday Inn HOUSTON-SW-HWY 59S@BELTWY 8, 11160 SOUTHWEST FREEWAY. I know this is probably sacrilege, but I don’t like Mexican food - specifically, I don’t like chili powder or cumin or peppers. But seafood is good, or steak, or other possibilities. And I’ll have a rental car at my disposal, so I won’t need a ride.

Any volunteers? Anyone? I really am as nice in person as I am on the boards. Really. Would I lie??

OK, just one bump before I allow this to sink into a wallow of rejection… <insert deep sad sigh>


Perhaps you scared them off with the anti cumin/pepper stance?

Mini Dopefest! I’ll be there. I’m thinking of where to go…

I loves me some BBQ - surely Houston has something good in that genre?

IIRC there’s a place called Drexler’s BBQ, owned by the family of Clyde Drexler, NBA legend. I called them up one day to see if I could mail a jersey there for signing, they thought I was crazy for some reason.

It is Texas after all.

The call it BBQ, but they use the wrong meat.

You have to go to Goode Co. The best BBQ I’ve ever eaten.

Seeing as how you (and Dolores) are two people I adore, I’ll sure try. Y’all set it up and I’ll do my best to attend.

Ooh! Good(e) choice on the BBQ. :wink: I’ve never been to Drexler’s though…

What a sweetie! I can’t wait to meet you!

Woohoo! My pity party (I’m so ashamed…) is turning into a real party!

Since I have a way early flight on Thursday morning, can we do Monday or Tuesday dinner? If Weds is the only real option, I can do that, too - I can always nap on the plane.

This is very exciting! Especially getting to meet the legendary lieu and Dolores! Anyone else wanna play?

Both dates are fine with me.

I can dance with your dates.

I’m working Monday night and orienting for a possible new part-time job Tuesday night, so I can’t have dinner (too bad for me, I love Goode Co. and could use some ribs). I’m good for lunch Monday or Tuesday, maybe lunch or dinner Wednesday.

Unclviny (my brother) will probably be called out for work Monday.

That’s not too far from my home. :slight_smile:

I can’t do lunch because of the class schedule Tues and Weds, and Monday, my flight doesn’t get in till 1:30. I do have to eat dinner every night, so I can spread myself around that way!

I should also say that while I don’t want to drive across multiple county lines, I do have a rental with unlimited mileage, so we don’t have to meet at my hotel if a more central location will work better. Whatever works - I just love putting faces to screen names!

I was in Houston a couple of weeks ago and that’s where the supplier that I was meeting took me. It was really good. Definitely try the sausage.


Wow, you’ll be staying really close to where I work. I work until 7PM, but I don’t know what time you’d want to eat. I might be able to do dinner though. Goode Co. BBQ is definitely a good choice. Just down the Southwest Freeway from where you’re staying, you’ll find a lot of different restaurants so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good variety of food to try.