Australia, Melbourne, Fitzroy, Brunswick Street DopeFest (sorry No Nudity this time)

Or last time, but maybe next time.

We’re just throwing together a small wing-ding at a time which fits in with the work patterns, salary rotations, dietary requirements and astrological prognostications of all involved.

The propitious day for this hooley is this coming Sunday April 21, at a cafe in Brunswick Street, at 1.00pm onward.

More, and Essential Details are on Dopers DownUnder

All those with stilts please bring them, as usual.

Many thanks, local papers please copy

It seems I’ll be able to make this one, and not need a special mini one created for me! Unberievrible. Let’s make it a big one Melbourne Dopers!

Whilst Redboss’ link will get you there with a bit o’ navigating, a direct link to the thread in G’Dope’s Silly Buggers forum is here.

Photos of the last MelDope can be found here, so if you’re planning on attending the next one, don’t say you weren’t warned.

[sup]Must be about time for a SydDope too…[/sup]

Aw nuts … I’m not sure if I can make it. The boyfriend was feeling a bit neglected this week and I promised him that Sunday would be a “just us two” day. And I’ve been breaking promises left right and centre this year, so I probably should keep this one. :frowning: Poo … and I was really looking forward to the next MelDope since I missed the last one.



‘down under’ Geddit?

I was going to come until you threw in that “no nudity” clause.

Is Russell Crowe going to be there? :slight_smile:
Nice ad!

As stuffy as I may be, I would like to reassure the ChiDopers, whom I am sure have been drawn by the mention of nudity to read this thread, that I would NEVER insist on a “no nudity” clause. There’s a permanent one I operate under, but that is a favor to the rest of you.

OK. Having lurked for a while, I would really like to know what it is that you actually do at these things?

Drink - Assume yes.
Nude-up - Assume no.
Talk about fascinating objects 'art - Og I hope not.

Gimme some specifics people.

Another Melbourne Dope®.

Hi Caught@Work.

Being a Dopefest virgin myself, I really don’t know what to expect… but going by the thread at G’Dope I’d say there’ll be lots of oranges and koalas flung around :slight_smile:

But the piccies as provided by The Loaded Dog look a bit … er … how you say … geeky and I promised the SO that I would not attend any geek sessions (well, not too many).

It’s not a geek session. We’re just going to show off our koalas and oranges, that’s all. And have a bit of a chat and a coffee. Y’know, laid-back, casual and refined, like all us G’dopers are…

[sub]Yeah, right[/sub]

In my experience it’s just like any social occasion, except that what we all have in common is not that we work at the same place, or all all related to somebody getting married, but are all posting on the same message boards.

So there’s a bit of common ground (lively discussion of interesting topics) and a common attitude thing (we’re smarter than most because we found our way there) but the rest is just chatting and letting the afternoon wander along.

Mind you we all must be a little socially inhibited, otherwise we’d be outside playing instead of sitting over a computer all day.

So, I actually thought if things got a little strained, we could all walk down to the Internet cafe just down the road, and sit at different desks and converse the way we feel most comfortable, over the net.

Imagine what it would be like for the other customers. As we all tap away, every now and then when someone made a good point half of the room busts out laughing, or all groan in unison at a truly bad joke. Hehehehe, what a picture.

And speaking of picutres, those photos are not geeky, thank you very much. They are nerdy. Get it? Got the difference?

Those damn digital cameras! Making me look geeky when I’m nerdy through and through.

Don’t start on me buddy. I might ferment a long Pit rant on the subject…

Nerdboss and Proudboss

My wife’s comment when I politely asked if she wanted to come: “I bet they’ll be wearing capes.”

I second that :slight_smile: I’m sure there’s at least one Doper coughWoollycough who owes me a drink !

My mum and dad lived in Brunswick Street when the first got married (number 34) - does that mean I get a proxy vote?

See ya tomorrow guys!

Don’t forget your capes. And stilts. (rolls eyes upwards a little too far, winces, clutches head, and sits down suddenly and hard.


Damn! Why did I not see this several days ago. Another one who won’t make it, but will think of you all as I sail past in the car…

BTW, RETRO is the really yellow joint for all those who are bewildered by the vast array of cafe’s and eateries! See ya’s there tomorrow.

Hey Redboss, did ya book an inside or outside table?
What? You didn’t book???

Have fun, you kids.

Take a camera. We want pics to post on G’Dope. Nerdy ones.