Australian Dopers - lets do an Oz-Dope dennison Lunch!

The noble pldennison is going to be Down Under this month (as previously been discussed - see “I’m going to a Land Down Under”) on business.

It seems to me we can

  1. show him some decent Oz-Doper hospitality,
  2. get to meet each other
  3. finally have the chance to start some insider jokes of our own, with which to irritate non-antipodeans.

He’s happy to meet with us, and while in Melbourne is free for lunch on Saturday 24 November.

So, for Melbourne and Victorian regional (a mere two-hour trip, isn’t it Cazzle?) Dopers, Here’s the drill:

I suggest a pub or bar in the city to meet, then we can all hop on a tram to Brunswick Street and lunch at a cafe, in the fresh air if fine, or indoors if (as very occasionally happens in Melbourne) the weather is inclement.

I’ll post more information - places and exact times later - right now, it’d help to have an indication of who can come. Please post here, or check Dopers Down Under for further details.

Sydney Dopers? I’ve passed onto TheLoadedDog the dates that pld will be available while in Sin City. They are mid-week lunch or evening times, the week leading up to 24th. Watch this space for news.

I love youse all


Hear, hear Rdboss! Concur entirely.

I’d love to come! But I’m going to have to check and make sure that’s convenient with my chauffer first… Mr Cazzle is the driver in our household, and he who drives decides where we’re going! Will get back to you with a yay or a nay soon - one week of nagging should do the trick :wink:

Oh boy oh boy, this is going to be so much fun! I never thought I’d actually get to attend a Dopefest!

Count me in - Warrnambool’s only just down the road.

Cazzle, if you’re on the Princes Highway, and Mr Cazzle can’t chauffer that day, you’ve got a lift.

An actual AusDopeFest - my heart’s going nineteen to the dozen!

Sounds good. I’ll have to check the date.

Will have to check the date too. My social calendar is just so full, dah-lings. [sub]You can probably count me in, though.[/sub]

Brunswick street is just around the corner from my University! And there’s an Alannah Hill outlet there too … sighs dreamily

Woohoo! Thanks for starting the thread, Redboss!

Just for everyone’s edification, I let Redboss know in an e-mail that I am in fact egregiously stupid and am leaving the States on the 15th rather than the 17th, which puts me in Sydney on 11/17-19 (Saturday thru Monday), and Melbourne on 11/22-23 (Thursday and Friday). So, that will probably affect everyone’s plans.

Still, I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. I can’t wait to be among that priveleged contingent of Dopers who have attended a Dopefest on a different continent. :smiley: Plus, you all have to guide me to the good beers.

I’m in Sydney, and will be free on the Sunday afternoon (I finish work at 2pm, close to the city), and all day Monday.

Saturday might be a bit dodgy, but I may be able to make time there too, if that fits in better with the other Dopers.

Okay, now we’re talking about dinner on Friday night. Ooh, how grown-up!

So, Cazzle, tavalla, hawthorne and Kayeby - how does that sound?

Meeting up can be tricky when some come from a long distance. That’s why I suggested meeting in a pub or bar, so as to allow enough time for folks to gather without being stuck at a table in a restaurant.

I think we should still do that. Parking in the city is possible in the many carparks with a flat fee, and tramming it to Brunswick Street means we avoid the hassle of parking there, and pldennison gets to share a very Melbourne experience.

I’ll carry my mobile phone with me (which is quite unusual for me) and will pass out the number so anyone who gets separated can ring in to headquarters.

I am researching the bar to meet in. Something with an Oz motif would be good - bales of wool to sit on and sheeps heads on the wall sort of thing. Where the barmaids wear hats with corks dangling from them and the drinks with umbrellas in them are called quaint names like “Matilda’s Downfall” or “The Drovers Wife Shandy”.

Now just where is that place …?

I noticed a new aussie poster recently. Are you there, Goo? Come in Goo!


Sydney on the Sunday sounds good, late lunch, early dinner, whatever. Cricket screws up Saturday for me.

Who will meet pld at the airport, with the first words out of their mouth being “How do you like Australia?”?

Orrite. how about a tentative 4pm Sunday Nov 18th at Wharf Six, Circular Quay? pld should be able to find that with no problems, and from there we can stroll across to the Fortuine Of War for a couple of cold ones, and pld can soak up the atmosphere of The Rocks in weekend mode.

Any better or alternative ideas, post 'em here, and we’ll thrash it out.

If anybody wants my mobile number, just email me.

Sure. A few beers in the sunshine, watching girls in their summer dresses. Yeah sure. He’ll really like that.

(In case you can’t tell I am being sarcastic.)

I think he’ll much prefer the four-hour art gallery walking tour we have lined up for him here in Melbourne. I have a raincoat ready and everything. Finishing with saki and sushi at Soosoo’s, of course. So much more refained, y’know.


Mind if I come too?

[sub]Yay! My very first Dopefest![/sub]

TwistyIRE’s girlfriend arrives in Sydney this Saturday too - she’ll be here for 6 weeks.

I can meet pld at the airport and we can do the rail-link thing back to the city.

The Monday would be better for me as far as social stuff goes than the Sunday, but I can fit in with whatever suits other people best as long as I have a couple of days notice.

Yet again my son didn’t log out…sorry.

A friend suggested the natural place for us Melbourne Dopers to assemble in order to greet pld

Next to Chloe at Young and Jacksons.

I thought that seemed appropriate and traditional.

More later

Dinner, Friday 23rd - yep, should be able to do that.

<fingers crossed that it’s a quiet day at work, so I can get away early>

Chloe, here we come!

Hey tavalla, I thought I was the only person who came from an obscure Victorian country town. :slight_smile:

I was born and raised in Dimboola.

I’ll will hopefully make it to the Sydney Dopefest but it all depends on football (finals weekend).

I’m not impressed.

Here I was all excited about the first Aussie/Melbourne Dopefest, and it’s on Shabbat, Friday night :(. Oh well, I’ll be there in spirit, and I hope everyone has a couple of beers for me (each).