DopeFest - Melbourne, Australia!

So any Melbournites out there up for a DopeFest?

We could gather on the steps of Flinders Street Station one weekend in late October. Maybe take a wander over to Federation Square and condemn the architecture. Go for a stroll down Banana Alley. Sit in one of Melbournes wonderful cafes mocking the fools in Starbucks.

And there could be some secret signal to identify ourselves as dopers - perhaps we could all wear red shirts :slight_smile:

Any takers?

Sound great, glad to hear of an Aussie Fest finally … but I’m south of Newcastle NSW… anyone from around there?

Sorry I can’t travel at the moment. But good luck organising it… post some pics

If it happens, would you be interested in hosting Miss FairyChatMoose? She’s been all over the US and parts of Europe - I think she needs to visit the southern hemisphere! She’s just a little bitty thing, so return postage won’t be to pricy, I should think. Plus I could get more autographs in her diary! :smiley:

[speaking on behalf of Melbourne Dopers]
We would love to host FairyChatMoose :slight_smile:

Perhaps her visit would encourage those slackers in NSW to organise a Fest in her honour.

interstate rivalry, what you talking about…

Well, then, youse guys need to plan for Moose on the Loose Down Under! She could hop, skip, and jump from venue to venue, and some kind soul in the last venue could send her back home. And I’d get multiple vicarious jollies! Yay!

NSW is a bit of a lost cause ATM dopefestwise, I agree. But I think early next yeat, we might get something really good happening.

I’d love to get to Melbourne for this, but if it’s towards christmas, it’ll be pretty much impossible.

Where is banana alley?

Banana Alley is near Flinders Street Station. There are little signs around the city about the boundaries of where you can and can’t walk around with a bottle of grog - the southern boundry is Banana Alley.

I’m available for DopeFests pretty much any weekend with the following exceptions:
First weekend in October
and the last weekend in Novemeber,
I’m working both weekends.

Although I’m trying to arrange a BendiDope for the last weekend in November when I’ll be in Bendigo. Last years BendiDope was great fun :slight_smile:

I probably can’t manage the weekend of the 26th/27th but please do not avoid those dates if they suit others, my mobility is too hard to predict this far in advance.

The one Dopefest (other than the one I just attended here in Georgia) I would dearly love to attend, but alas all my money is saved for Germany once again this year for the holidays.

I do wish my Aussie and Kiwi friends a lovely time, however!


That is if any of my NZ friends will be attending! :wink:


Hmmm, the second weekend in October is no good for me, nor is the last weekend in October or any weekends in November.

Which may well rule me out.

But I’m sure you’ll have fun without me :slight_smile:

My weekends are pretty clear, so count me in - just let me know the date.

D’ya think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Leechy, you know I never refuse an invite to a G’Dopefest.

So put me on the roll call as well, 'k?

Tenative Date:

Saturday 18th October

Where: Meet at Flinders Street Station and take it from there.

I reckon we need a biiiiiig sign, with the word DOPE in it, just to freak out the coppers at the station.

Whaddya say folks?

I’m all for that - as long as someone else holds the sign :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I’m happy to hold the sign. I’ll happily deal with the wallopers.

But somebody else will have to fend off the stoners on the steps who think it is a real Dope Festival…:smiley:

<— Take a look at the location, Superstar. I’ve been trying to catch your attention for a month or more :wink: How about checking out G’Dope some time ? Maybe we could have a mini-Coast-Fest :smiley:

Have fun at MelDope, my friends, and definitely post pics.

I think we should try and arrange a SydDope, TLD… maybe a Chrissy BBQ (only this time we’ll actually turn up?) or something. I’ve noticed quite a few new Aussies around here, so it would be nice to meet up with a bunch of new people, too, I think. I’ll leave it for another thread, though, so as not to hijack this one.

Bumpity, bump… any more Melbournians ?

Well, Boo Boo Foo lives (and was born) on the Gold Coast. So if all you guys had any sense, you’d organise a Dopefest during Indy, wouldn’t you? Coz I gotta be honest… I ain’t budging! Too many fish to catch. Too many waves to catch. To many rays to catch.