Australian Shepherd wins Best In Show at Crufts!

Totally Mundane and Pointless, but OH SO EXCITING for those of us involved in the breed!

BISS MBIS AKC & ASCA CH Caitland Isle Take A Chance TDI. NA, NAJ (see that, titled on both ends!!!), who is a Canadian Bred dog, owned by an American, just went Best In Show at Crufts. Crufts is, basically, the UK equivalent of Westminster… only bigger, in so many ways.

This is a HUGE win for Chance and Nancy (his owner), and a HUGE win for the breed. This is the first time an Australian Shepherd wins one of “the big ones”, so to speak. It’s also pretty rate to have Pastoral Group (Herding Group in the US) dogs win Best In Show at the big shows in general!

I’m so excited for Nancy (owner) and Cathy (breeder)! Maybe next year he’ll actually go Best In Show at Westminster! (Two years ago, he surprised us all by going Group 2, this year Group 1…)


Elly, proudly owned by four dogs (two of which are aussies)

I saw that, cool!
I have a friend with an Aussie. Crazy little dog named Rojo.

Wow, from a mutt breed (at least to showdog people) to BIS. The best dog I ever owned was an Aussie.

A dog of Dutch origin, named after the continent of Australia, bred in Canada and owned by an American has won a dog show in England, which is the equivalent of a dog show in America named after a town in England.

What does all of this mean?
Besides the fact that an Aussie is way smarter than me.

BISS MBIS AKC & ASCA CH Caitland Isle Take A Chance TDI. NA, NAJ (

BISS - Best in Specialty Show ( A show for only one breed of dog, VERY prestigious !)

MBIS - multiple Best in Show

AKC - American Kennel Club

ASCA - Australian Shepherd Club of America

CH - Champion

Caitland Isle Take A Chance - the dog’s name

TDI - Therapy Dogs international

NA - Novice Agility

NAJ - Novice Agility Jumpers (I think… I get lost with the agility titles)

The dog is a show off!

A question. Why do pedigree dogs have such foolish names? I assume it’s something to do with the registration requirements, but what are the actual rules?

I believe it’s because they need unique names for registration.

Hee. There are reasons behind registered names. For one, it makes it easier to track dogs and their heritage. Most breeders (and some parent breed clubs) require that the kennel name be in the dog’s registered name, either at the begining of the name (Kennel’s so and so) or at the end (of Kennel, or at Kennel). This means you can easily track down where the dog came from. After that, the rules are pretty flexible - as long as it doesn’t match up with another dog in the registry (same breed), the name will be allowed. Oh, and you’re not allowed to make fun of specific people, royalty, or use the breed name in the registered name. There is also a cap on the number of characters you can use. Some people just like to have fun with the names.

For example, I have a (leaving out titles)

HyFlyer’s Lord Valen (HyFlyer is the name of his kennel, Lord Valen is how we identify him, Valen is his “call name”)

Defiance Static Shock (Defiance is the name of her kennel, her call name is “Zap”)

Selah’s Terror of the Seas (Selah is the name of his kennel, his call name is “Pirate”)

In Chance’s case, Caitland is his kennel’s name, Isle is actually related to the owner’s kennel name, if I mistake not, and “Take a chance” is the rest of the registered name, call name “Chance”.

Some call names are totally unrelated to the dog’s registered name. Some people try to come up with clever things. :slight_smile: Some want to identify two kennels - the origin and the ownership: For example, you could have (real dog here)

Westerlea’s Flight To Kylador

Westerlea is the kennel of origin, Kylador is the kennel who now owns the dog. Make sense? :slight_smile:

Some dog name suggestions:
VOTRON: Barker of great annoyance
PRINCESS: Stainer of carpets
Fluffy: Fouler of the sidewalks
Would these monikers make it in the showring?

If it fit the number of characters, it probably would be just fine with the registry :wink: Trust me, I’ve seen some pretty hilarious names over the years showing dogs and reading show catalogues…

Had Pirate been a girl, he would have been Selah’s Devil Made Me Do It (“Eve”)


Yeah for Aussies!!!

I work with the Aussie rescue and now my one Aussie has turned into two because I failed Foster Dog 101. My little Dingo Butt who is so smart she can ride a horse.
And with a face like Blue’s who could resist?

Of course at the end of the day, all the horse back riding and being to cute can really get you dog tired

Just had to share… And of course if your thinking about an Aussie, think rescue :slight_smile:


Yay for rescue! :slight_smile:

Are you with ARPH?

I was thinking about posting about this, and voila, here’s a thread! Yay Aussies! My Jasper dog would approve. :slight_smile:

Yep, both dogs are ARPH rescue cases.

On another note, yet one more reason why Aussies’ are not for the faint of heart.
I came home yesterday, and all of a sudden here come my dogs running from the barn. Doesn’t sound bad until you here how they got out. Through the window of course! :eek: When I say through the window I mean through the glass and the screen. No one was hurt and the window had been cracked, but who would have thought that something outside would have been good enough to go through the window! :smack:

I have fixed the window, and relocated the dog room to the second floor. That should help.

Reminds me a little of a few years ago when I drove into the driveway and the two dogs we had then (Sasha and Ivan) came running out to meet me. This was Not Good, because they’d gotten out of the fence. After I’d told them what good dogs they were for not going off and exploring the neighborhood, I put Ivan up and asked Sasha to show me where they’d gotten out. She looked at me for a few minutes, then walked to the fence board that was loose at the bottom and nudged it with her nose. I thanked her profusely, put her in the house, and mended the fence.

God, I miss that dog every. single. day.

Yay for an aussie! My mother has one and I love that breed. This dog is full of energy (and hard to keep from getting fat without lots of exercise–she is one highly fuel efficient dog), but she has the strongest will to please of any dog I’ve seen. She’s incredibly smart too. Well, except for the fact that she keeps forgetting they no longer keep the dog food in the Lazy Susan, so she keeps crawling inside it and getting stuck.

Why do herding dogs seem to win the big shows so rarely? Everytime I catch a show on TV, a terrier or toy dog wins.

I agree. I do like some of the terrier breeds like Jack Russells and Staffordshire terriers but I love the newfs, collies, mastiffs, labs, bouviers… well any dog that is bigger than a bread box.

Kind of funny, my fiance wanted a Burnese Mountain Dog, and while they are great dogs, they are BIG!

I got him to settle for an Aussie that kinda’ sorta’ if you squint looks like a BMD :smiley: