Australians are the best people!

Where else would you get a bunch of people forming a Rugby fan club for a team from a foreign country?

On the radio this morning there was a piece on the Perth-based Georgia fan club. 500-odd people were having a terrific time, learning Georgian songs, learning trivia about Georgia (“I know heaps now! Like, umm, the capital is Tbilisi! Stalin came from there!”), eating Georgian food with their beer & probably vodka. Some went out and waved Georgian flags at the airport when the team arrived. Not one of them is from Georgia, or indeed knew anything much about Georgia until recently.

Yay us!

Good on 'em. Great idea. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I don’t have any tickets, or I’d join in. (Except when (if?) they play the Aussie team!)

During the Sydney Olympics I was at a womens waterpolo match between the USA and Kazikstan (which the US won) and the US cheer squad was in fine voice. So, just to bring some parity, virtually all the locals decided to barrack for the underdogs. IIRC we managed to get them back within a goal before the US skated away in the last couple of minutes.

The Kazikstan support staff were so chuffed with the support that after the game they came out and shook hands with almost everybody in the grandstand.

Kazi, Kazi, Kazi Oi, Oi, Oi!


[military jargon]

You can hang a big roger on that one!

[/military jargon]

[reconsiders local alternate meanings of ‘roger’]

Better make that an unequivocal “yes,” instead.

Good on all of you for making some very-out-of-towners feel at home. With all of the typical rivalry and team animosities, I’m sure it completely stunned them. Bravo.