Auto Auto Eliminate Eliminate Double Double Posts Posts

Is the next version of vBulletin going to be able to automatically eliminate two consecutive, identical posts? This seems so obvious and simple.

I think the 60 second space between posting does eliminate quite a bit of double posts.

Consecutive from your POV may not appear consecutive to the server, particularly when it is very overworked (which, I believe is part of the reason that double posts occur).

To eliminate double posts by content would (I imagine) entail an extra hit on the database which might actually be the last thing you need.

It’s straightforward, but it’s ridiculously expensive, especially since you have no way to identify which posts are doubles. And what about double posts separated by something else? Or a second post with another sentence on the end?

The place to ask this question would be at the vBulletin home, Oddly enough, they have a message board there for just this type of inquiry. Serendipitous, no?

Serendipitous for the OP, not for me as I just read this post cause I had nothing better to do…

Besides, if you eliminate double posts, I might never get to the respect bestowing 1000th post :wink:

No. The next version of vBulletin will not have automated feature or an option to remove double posts.

If you open another browser window & check if your post was submitted before hitting submit again, you can avoid double posting.

I wonder if making the posting time limit longer would have much effect? From 60 seconds to 90 seconds?