Auto positioning to the first unread post

This site does a much better job of automatically opening threads at the first unread post, than vBulletin did, where it never seemed to work right.

And yet… I’ve seen this problem often: When a NEW thread appears in the thread list (that is, a thread that I haven’t seen before), and I click on it, it often starts me at some seemingly-random place near the end of the thread rather than at the beginning.

Have other users noticed this?

(Note to Discobot: No, this topic is not similar to “Can you bypass First-to-File patent system by publishing your invention?” )

I’ve never had this happen…seems odd.

I have never had this happen either.

Are you sure these are new threads, and not old threads that you read a long time ago but don’t remember, that have been revived with new posts? Because if it’s an old thread that you read before on the old platform, the data for the last post you read on the old platform did transfer over.

Well, could be, maybe (?) Seems like this is happening a lot to me, so I’ll have plenty of chances to pay more attention to the circumstances when it happens again.

If you do see it again, it’d be worthwhile to include which theme you use and what device & browser you’re using. Discourse is a lot more of a chameleon than most of us with just one device and one set of settings appreciate.

Actually, all the old threads that pop up have not remembered where my last position was, they put me at the first post.

This has happened to me as well. And it was definitely not threads I have ever visited before.

This would be my best guess.

Protip: if you want to enter a topic at the top or bottom, even if you have a previous read position in the topic, click or tap on the topic count, or the last post date. As pictured here:

Clicking / tapping on…

  • the topic title will take you to your last read position (assuming you have one)

  • the post count will offer you the ability to jump to the top or bottom, by date

  • the date of last post will take you to the bottom of the topic

There’s also a URL you can construct which will always take you to the bottom of the topic. I’ll give you a hint, and as an exercise for the reader, it involves the word last :wink:

It doesn’t come up that often, but I thought the SD audience is sophisticated enough they might enjoy that bit of relative trivia :kissing_heart:

Well that was easy. I guessed it in one try.