Autocad program

Last weekend while visiting my sister, my BIL mentioned that he was interested in learning autocad.

I told him about a program that I downloaded some months ago that I found here on the boards that might be of interest to him.

I bought a new computer and didn’t download the program to this machine. :wally

I have done a search and since I don’t remember the particular thread or even what nomenclature to use, searches have been fruitless.

The program was either shareware or was free as I recall and was a basic introduction to autocad design and implementation.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Well, there’s Alibre Express

It’s a limited function, free CAD software package.

Don’t the newer versions of ACAD (2000 and later) have an interactive tutorial as part of the Help file? Been using SolidWorks exclusively for a few years now and can’t remember.


Yeah, they do. And I’ll admit, I never really did use it. I just kinda jumped into things and started plugging along.

. . . which is probably why I’m not as good as someone who did take the tutorial.

You should give it a look. Anyone who got dropped in my lap to train, I always suggested they follow up our discussions with running through those. The last time I looked at it, it was pretty decent.