AutoDopers - I give you one twisted car

Maybach Exelero

Holy crap. Top speed - around 218mph!

God’s wounds, that’s an ugly car! :eek:

Fucking hell, the max speed! :eek: Can you imagine opening that thing up on a long stretch of empty highway? Yes, I know, kill yourself and all that, but man.

And I think it looks nice.

To the Bach-mobile!

I like the look as well, personally.

2,413 Kg at 350 km/h (97.2 meters per second)
That’s 7.1 X 10[sup]25[/sup] electron volts!

Actually, except for the front end, I think it looks fine, and if they did a little work on the front, it’d be neat as hell, IMHO. I like the rims on it.

Damn shame there are no plans for prodution. I’d have a kid just to sell the little bugger for one of these.

not really, relax

I would also sell buttonjockey308’s kid for one of those :smiley:

Hell, I’d sell buttonjockey308 for one of those. What’s the going rate on a buttonjockey, anyway?


How about 308 buttonjockeys?!

I like it too. The profile view of the car is stunning. The head-on view isn’t as bad as the three-quarters front view. I can’t digest the rear lights at all though. I love the interior.

Looks like it got melted.

It’s good to see that after his fatal airplane crash, Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN) has been able to find work as a reanimated race car driver.

It probably looks better in person.

I just wonder how many Chrysler parts are in it, seeing as Maybach is an infinitesimally small part of Daimler-Chrysler. Yeah, probably none. :smiley:

The headlights looks very similar to those on the current Toyota Celica. And the gas cap looks the same as the one on the Viper and Charger. If you look at the history of special edition vehicles built by automakers over the years, you will find quite a bit of off the shelf parts used in their construction.

Damn, that’s an ugly car! I don’t care how fast it is…if it’s that ugly, it still won’t get you laid! :smiley:

But yeah, the idea of the car, someone else’s gas card, and Montana did cross my mind.

I think it’s rather donglike.

Kind of reminds me of that car Peter drove in an episode of Family Guy. Other than that awful grill, I kind of like it though.

If the car doesn’t get you laid, the fact that you can afford it (regular Maybachs run in the $300k range) should.

Great googly-moogly! Where’s the drooling smiley when you need it? I LOVE it.