You just won your dream car! Taxes paid and everything! What kind of car is it?

Any car that has ever been available to the public is fair game. A fictional dream car thread could be started for that sort of thing. Would yours be fast, safe, large, small, efficient, full of gadgets?

For the longest time I wanted a Yukon Denali fully loaded, but I’m not so sure about that now. I want room, comfort, decent acceleration, and a decent looking ride. Maybe a Magnum? I don’t really know. What would you guys choose?

Lexus RX400h.

Really sweet interior, great carrying capacity (which is the only thing I’d really need in a car in the middle of this city. Buses, trains and taxis are much cheaper, faster and more convenient for just traveling around here), and hybrid drive gives it better mileage than cars half its size.

Wow. That’s one helluva ride. Cassette player too! :wink:

Bugatti Veyron 16.4. No question about it.

[South Park]
“This car is of no use to me. It only has ten radiators”[/South Park]

Wouldn’t that bother you though to go 150mph, and still know that it had another 100mph left in it? You could only fully utilize it after being trained, and even then only on a special track. Still, the 2.46 second 0-60 would make all of the street racing kids cry their eyes out. That might be worth it.

A Nissan 300ZX 2+2. That car is a work of art, a true classic. It drives like it’s a part of your body and is built to last. It’s fast but not too fast. Beautiful but not gaudy. Powerful but not out of control. It’s the kind of car that makes you love to drive.

Ferrari F-430. Been following them religiously on the ALMS circuit, and even saw them win their class at Road America a couple of weeks ago. For a supercar it actually is a bit on the unpretentious side, not much in the way of fancy bodywork, just something which will stick to the road like glue (the 490 horses are nice but I am actually a grip guy).

I want the new Tesla.

It is too expensive for me to ever consider, but here is a high performance sports car that is 100% electric.

I like the look and man could I ever be Smug* driving it.


  • another South Park reference.

Perhaps this?:,9217,0,437/photo.aspx
1939 Delahaye Type 165

Or this:
McLaren F1

Or the Tesla mentioned above.

Damn that is nice! That and the fact that Nikola Tesla is one of my personal heroes makes me want that car to an unhealthy degree.

Your second one is a Koenigsegg CCX, which I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at. This is a McLaren F1.

Yeah, I’d take that, too. As long as it’s not a Yugo, Vega, or Pinto I’d probably take it, and even then I’d think about it, particularly if it was a Cosworth Vega.

EDIT: The Tesla bears a striking resemblance, particularly in the rear, to the Lotus Elise/Exige.

1936 Maybach-Zeppelin Town Car
Failing that, I’d take a 1932.

Since it’s a fantasy, I’m going with the time travelling DeLorean – one that actually works.

Damnit Jim! I specified in the OP that , aw whatever.

That Irish built “sports car” is a piece of crap in mechanical terms.
Oh, you meant the time traveling one. My mistake

Cadillac DeVille.

That is such an easy question.

Do we have to pay Insurance, and other upkeep?

That will limit my choices greatly.

If so, maybe the Lexus Hybrid or the top of the line Honda Accord Hybrid.

If not, I want a H-1. Armored.

The Sloop John B. just set sail. We’ll come back for you.

The new Maybachs are something to behold indeed. Luxury and decadence defined.

why roll…when you can fly.

I would like a brand new version of my 1993 Infiniti J30. One that did not have 300,000+ miles on it, dirty seat belts, and somewhat worn leather upholstery.

Come to think of it, the version I want would also have the seat-warmers. I think that might have been the 1994 model.

(But what I really want is a new car every other year that matches my mood in those years. For instance last year I really longed for an old Karmann Ghia. Now I’m pining for a Mini Cooper. It’s too bad that changing cars takes so much…energy. First you have to find one the right color. Then there’s all the legal stuff. New plates & all that. It would be really nice to avoid all that forever, but then you’re stuck with the same car…forever.)