Automatic refreshing in IE 5.0

Without changing any settings (to my knowledge) in IE 5.0, my browser has suddenly stopped automatically refreshing. What I mean by this, for instance, is that when I’m at one of the main forum pages (such as General Questions) showing the list of current topics, I can click a thread link, read it, and when I click the “Back” button, the browser would automatically refresh the list of current topics, so that if people had posted to threads while I was off reading one, the new ones would be moved to the top.

This is no longer happening, and I’m finding it to be quite annoying. I don’t recall changing any settings that would account for this. I’ve poked through the Tools/Internet Options menu and I don’t see anything that appears to control this feature. Does anyone know how I can turn this back on?

TIA :slight_smile:

Try: Tools/Internet Options menu; Temporary Internet Files: Settings

Go Tools > Internet Options, and in the Temporary Internet file section of the main tab, hit Settings. The options for controlling caching are in there.

Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

And change what when I get there? I’ve tried changing the options under “Check for newer versions of stored pages”, and no matter what I select (Every visit to page, Every time you start IE, Automatically, Never), the browser does not refresh when I re-visit a page I’ve been to.

Can you clarify?

It is also possible that your server or ISP has established a cache for the SDMB that is causing the refresh to serve up old data. No recourse there, except going directly to the ISP and asking them NOT to cache this site.

“the browser does not refresh when I re-visit a page I’ve been to.”

Oh my.

Maybe you can update to 5.5 & see if things change?