Automating a search for TV listings

I’m in the process of getting rid of my collection of VHS tapes, including hundreds of movies I’ve recorded off of cable over the years. Although I’m happy just to be rid of many of them, there are about 250 titles I like enough to keep.

I’m copying some from tape to DVD, and buying some new on DVD. But wherever possible I’d rather make new recordings from the many cable movie channels I subscribe to.

So I’d like to be able to join my database of movies with the broadcast schedule of those channels. I’ve been searching manually through my cable company’s on-screen guide in a rather haphazard way, and have gotten many. But it’s a real PITA, made even more so by their idiotic practice of alphabetizing titles that start with “the” under “T”! Aaarrrggggghhhhh! And since they only list shows for the next two weeks, I have to repeat the process every week or so.

I’ve been looking at IMDb’s “My Movies” feature, and it does show you upcoming broadcasts of anything in your My Movies list. That’s half the battle. But it doesn’t let you enter a list of titles–you have to add each film manually from its main page. If need be, I could work with that.

But I’d rather automate the data entry, too. Does anyone know of a way of doing that? Although I’d obviously prefer a free service, I might be willing to pay a small fee.