avant gp trouble

I tried to set up my avant go for the palmpilot with the instructions given and each time i try to “hotsynch” it says that the straight dope site is too big. am i doing something wrong? i would love to have it for taxi rides etc. any advice?

Welcome to the board, pianohead! I (and I’m sure others) will be glad to try to help, but you’ll need to supply some more information first. Lemme see if I think of everything:

  1. Which model of Palm are you using?
  2. How much free space do you have?
  3. Do you have any other AvantGo channels installed? Do they work?
  4. Did you follow the instructions here?
    I think that should do it for a start.

This board can be a little rough (I let you off easy, for example!), but you’ll find the people are generally pretty helpful. Good luck!

thanks for your quick reply. the model is palm m505, available 1.7meg, other channels work (including one custom site that i used the directions from the straight dope website to arrange)

You’re going outside my area of knowledge here, but I’ll signal this post to the people responsible for the Straight Dope site and try to get an answer for you. It might take a few days for us to get back to you, so please be patient.

Can’t fault your choice of hardware: I’m sportin’ a 505, too. Of course, we got obsoleted a couple of weeks ago by the m515: boo-hoo!

But we have business. Damn, I was hoping it’d be something simple! I doubt it’s the problem, but have you verified your AGConnect settings (sync.avantgo.com, port 80, username & pw)?

After that, I’d double-check the desktop config at the AvantGo site. You sound like you’ve already done this, but humor me, OK? At this point we’d be happy with a forehead-slapper. Location given as http://www.straightdope.com , Max channel size 100k, Link depth 1. Have you tried turning images off? And say no to off-site links, too. And refresh every sync, yadda yadda.

If you double-check all of that and it still won’t sync, all I can suggest is that I have about twice the free memory you do. Again, it doesn’t track that that should cause you a problem, but until Arnold gets the cavalry here, you could try removing some stuff and see what happens. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

no luck.
this is the message i get:
ERROR: File size limit exceeded(400) - http://straightdope.com/columns/
ERROR: File size limit exceeded(400) - http://straightdope.com/columns/index.html
Size limit exceeded for channel - the straight dope
OK AvantGo

so what do you think? I should be ok with 1.7 meg free on the palmpilot (standard 8meg card, right?


Whoa, wait–are you using the expansion card and only have 1.7M free? Holy cats, can I see your software list? Or do you have the whole Pacific Northwest in Mapopolis?

No, seriously, I’m stumped. It’ll jiggle around in my cortex, and I’ll let you know if anything coherent comes out.

actually, i dont have anything in the expansion card. i was told you cant have programs in there anyway (more for backup of files or new). still, i dont understand why it isn’t working. why is the website giving such large file sizes. it don’t make a lick of sense…

My AvantGo settings are the default ones, and the SD appears fine on my PDA. Then again, I have a Handspring Visor. :wink:

Seriously, 8 megs is more than enough, and it looks like you have plenty of free space.

My only guess is that somehow, your total list of channels exceeds the maximum AvantGo applies for the total load. Since the SD is the last one you added (I’m assuming), it’s also the one giving the error. Try checking out your channel list at AvantGo, and see if the total sizes are within the limits.

If that doesn’t work, I’m out of options, I’m afraid. One thing I do know: it’s not the SD channel itself, it’s an AvantGo set-up problem.

ok thnks. i’ll check it out from the avantgo side. any other suggestions would be welcome.

i think there is something with the custom settings if there are more than 8 avant go users that it blocks ya out. Apparently, this is a new ruling by avantgo to prevent overusage??? anyone have any ideas how to get around this?