Request about main page

This isn’t really ATMB, but it’s not a question regarding the column, either. It’s really more About this website. Mods, move it where you see fit. This just seems like the best place.

Anyway, is there any chance of getting the latest column (be it staff report, classic, or new Cecil) as text only with a static URL, say for us Palm owners? It would be great if I could have my AvantGo client download the latest SD masterpiece each day so I could read it on the train on my way to work, or in class, depending on which season it is. If this is feasible, it would be great. Hell, toss some ads in there, too. I sure won’t mind.

Ooooh!! As a Visor owner (Damn you, Yuppie Scum Palm Bastard ! Revolution!! :D), I couldn’t agree more.

I have absolutely no idea whether or not it would be possible. But it would be cool. One caveat: we’d have to program it so that it wraps the text to a Palm-size screen. I HATE those AvantGo channels that have a horizontal scroll bar.

Aw, all you guys with handheld comps are wimps.

(I say as I writhe in jealousy…)

Palm? Visor? Feh.

How about a WAP-enabled SD column for us with neat-o WAP phones? :slight_smile:

[sub]Really, I’m just jealous since my Palm died in January; I love AvantGo.[/sub]

Seems to me it would be possible with a simple symlink. Wouldn’t the Palm take care of the wrapping automagically?

Sure, that would work for my Ericsson T20 as well. :smiley:

friedo, I guess it depends on the coding on the original page. I sometimes DO get horizontal bars. Can’t be a Visor thing, since a) the Visor screen is bigger, and b) they use the same OS. :wink:

Is this thread also available in an english language version?