how about a SDMB for my pda???

I have used avantgo to read the SDMB on my palm pda. If you don’t know avantgo ( is a service that allows one to read web pages on a pda either via wireless connection, landline modem connection or syncing w/ a computer w/ a internet connection. The problem is that the new (and improved?) format really doesn’t work well on a pda screen and takes a lot of memory. Some sites have a special pda web page that simplifies the web page in a way that is easier to view on a small screen with limited graphics.
With the move twards a wireless society, I would thing the SDMB would want to be one of the leaders.
How about it???

I think this is a great idea. You should consider reposting this over at the vBulletin forums. They might be able to make some tweaks in a future version of the software that’ll help with that memory problem.

And another though occurs to me. Have you tried viewing the “printable version.” I realize you still need to load the initial page of a particular topic, but once that’s stored, you could that.

I didn’t know about the printable version which would be a little better if and only if it could directly accessed from the forum as it is now it really isn’t helpful since the page needs to be loaded 1st anyway - just uping the memory even more.
I didn’t know about the vbulletin bbs forum, I’ll try to post there.

Reading the SDMB on a PDA? You’ve got to be at the forefront of technology amongst our members! You must have a picture taken of yourself engaged in that activitiy (clearly showing the SDMB, yourself and the PDA) and post it on the SD people pages.

And here I thought he meant Public Display of Affection, the usual usage of PDA. I was gonna say, like there isn’t already * that * here :slight_smile:

We’ve had quite a few requests for PDA access to the SD site.

I’ve referred all email on this to Reader management, it’s up to them. Just so we can get a good idea of what kind of response this would get, would interested parties sign in, please? No promises as to whether this would make a difference or not, but numbers are one of the things the Reader would take into account when considering this option.

In the meantime, if/when they decide to pursue this route, we’ll let you know.

your humble TubaDiva