Any Chance of an SDMB Mobile App?

Reading the SDMB on my phone requires lots of magnifying and scrolling. Can we get someone to write a few lines of code to make the boards more readable on phones and put an app up on the marketplace? I’ll gladly pay for it. Thanks.


Yeah, Tapatalk is probably your best bet.

I’m currently creating an Android app to access various forums. It’s in development right now and this site is one of the forums it can access (read only). It’s available here:

This would allow moderators and administrators to be on duty 16 hours a day!
I bet they’re jumping for joy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely against the idea. It would permanently change the character of the board in some undefined way. Also, you kids and your “mobile cellular phones”…we don’t want your “leet speek”, “u2” type posts! We require text that’s typed on keyboards only. Nothing done on those kiddie-style LCD screens. Part of the charm of the SDMB is that it’s for adults who type, not this newfangled “text” stuff. Don’t allow this. Don’t allow the character of the SDMB to change.


I love you. Wait, no, I mean i <3 u

Like I mentioned, it’s a read-only app of the forum. There’s no way to post from the app to SDMB. So no fear of somehow corrupting the character of this board.

Here let me fix your hair. It got kind of…whooshed around.

I use Tapatalk all the time. Polls don’t show up but it is a good mobile way to keep up on the forum. You can post from it too (I am right now)

Just knowing that people are even looking at the board differently from the way I want them to look at it will absolutely destroy everything that makes this board wonderful and unique.

Even if the default is that that people don’t have to use it, and even if I never have to know that someone’s using it, it will still ruin the board forevers.


I already start threads (including polls), create and post replies, etc. from my iPhone, without Tapatalk, and have no issues. I don’t see the huge need.

If it’s good enough for Jackknifed Juggernaut, who apparently doesn’t mind being inconvenienced and frustrated from having to squint, enlarge, and scroll back and forth while using this site, then that’s all that counts. The rest of you should man up or piss off.

Me, I’ll continue reading and posting from Tapatalk when I’m away from my computer since otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read or post at all.

No, I’m sorry but even Tapatalk should be disabled here. Allowing it’s use has already contributed to the decline of the…undefinable…quintessence that is the SDMB. The many numinous properties of the board have declined in ways I can’t describe since Tapatalk (let alone this new proposed app*) have been allowed.

Everyone’s SDMB experience must be exactly the same or the Board will CHANGE!!!

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

*And it’s for Android? That deliberately excludes people who use Apple devices. Do we really want a two-tiered system where some posters have a different SDMB experience? Even if the other poster’s experience has absolutely no effect on the rest of us? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT???

You don’t do subtle, do you?
I think everybody has gotten your somewhat off-topic digs by now, although I’m sure there are more than a few who are wondering who the hell it is you think your jousting with since nobody here has said word one against either this proposed app or Tapatalk.

I guess I should have been more clear, but I was referring to the need for a read-only app, when full functionality is already available without an app.

Jousting without an opponent is quite a lot like… poking. Works for me.

I’m gonna show my android ignorance here but I’m the latest of adopters, my phone barely makes calls and should be in a museum.

(And me along with it.)

So if this is a stupid suggestion I apologize in advance.

This might be an older technology that may or may not be useful but if all you want to do is read, would something like this rss feed reader help?

Apology accepted.


Who’s da sad ex-mod? You miss having the power to direct a thread, don’t you?

It’s soooo sad. :frowning:

Do you need a hug?