I’m trying Firefox browser on my Android tablet. On every page load on the Dope I get a “helpful” message: “This forum has an app for Android phone! Click OK to learn more about Tapatalk.”

Which of course leads me to a place to buy Tapatalk.

Any cure for this?

Is your browser set to store cookies? I think this thing is supposed to set a cookie that remembers you clicked ‘no’. I only get this occasionally when I view the SDMB on my iphone or ipad (probably after I’ve cleared my cache/cookies)

I just tested…

clear cookies. Load SDMB - it asks me.

Close browser, (and close it fully using the function to close ‘running’ apps on ios)

reopen browser, visit SDMB - it doesn’t ask.

I have cookies disabled. Guess that’s not gonna work here?

There’s another forum where somebody has the same problem, and somebody who talked to a developer gave the same advice that Lobsang does. Activate cookies, and it should go away.


Not to be a shill or a jerk, but your other option would always be to purchase tapatalk. As much as their popup-based advertising annoys me, it is a really useful app if you want to browse or read forums from a mobile device.

I don’t own it, but I’ve used the free/branded versions a fair bit, and it’s a very nice interface.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

Purchasing tapatalk is reasonable if you’re on the iPhone, but there is absolutely no need for it on an iPad. And yet I get the nag screen all the time.


So… is sigging every post written on a tapatalk with “This writeen on a tapatalk” also mandatory, or when I see it is it just someone showing off their app?

It has one major flaw that renders it pretty much unusable, to me: it displays quoted text, but not the author’s name. So you either need really good recall, or to not particularly care who said what, or to enjoy scrolling back through threads to match up quotations with their originators.

A message from an admin on the Tapatalk forum (posted in April 2011) said they plan to add this functionality in the next plugin update—apparently it’s done server-side—but as far as I can tell it hasn’t been implemented yet.

This is the boat I’m in (except for the nagging, I have cookies turned on) i.e. I’m using an ipad so I have absolutely no need for a mobile device ‘optimized’ version of a website. Same goes for facebook - I don’t use any ios facebook apps because facebook works just fine in the safari browser (except for chat, but I remain in offline mode by default - when checking facebook I don’t want to get trapped into a conversation with someone)

That, and I heard that tapatalk is rubbish (last time I checked - reviews weren’t great on the app store)

It is useless on the iPad, I agree — but I still like it for the iPhone. I don’t tend to do any hard-core, hours-long reading of the dope on there anyway, so a few quick hits now and then on Tapatalk is fine with me. It’s not perfect but better than trying to see the boards in Safari on the iPhone.

One thing I really like about Tapatalk is that they will host your photos. So if I want to link to a photo I have on my phone, I don’t have to upload it to Flickr or photobucket and embed a link. I just upload it to the post in Tapatalk and there it is.

I do this even if I’m surfing on the computer, when I want to use a photo.

Does anyone know of a way in tapatalk to see your subscribed threads?

Favorites button. On your it might be on the more button. I rearranged my buttons so it’s on the main screen.

There should be a tab marked “Participated” in the Latest section. That usually suffices. If you have threads that you are subscribed to, that you have not actually participated in, you can go to More/Favorites.

Funny, my version (iPhone) doesn’t have a participated button. I have, in order,

Favorites/Latest/Forum/Messages/More (which has Search, Profile, Online, Statistics). I wonder if there is another version out there.

ETA: I see. The “participated” tab is on the “latest” screen, with unread/participated/all

That can be turned off, but it took me a bit to find it.

Menu/Settings/Tapatalk Signature, then select None or Customize.

From SDMB,
It lists your threads.

I got it for my Android after discussion here. It is reasonably useful for the amount of browsing I do, which is to say I can poke around every once in a while and post a reply if I want to, but it isn’t as handy as an actual computer for composing posts, or reading for that matter. But it beats trying to use the regular web interface on my phone.

I’m getting spammed by that Tapatalk message every few days now. I did buy the app and it isn’t that bad, but I’m getting tired of the popup.

I usually access the SDMB on my Android via Tapatalk, however in the past day and a half, it had stopped working. I can access other message boards, so I know it isn’t a problem with my phone. Is anyone else having access issues right now?

Working fine on my iPad and iPhone today.