Avatar--any mistakes or continuity errors to look for?

Possible spoilers in this thread.

I’ll be watching Avatar for the second time in about 4 hours (so Need! Answer! Fast!).

I freaking loved it the first time. I’m going to sit a little closer this time so the screen fills my entire field of vision.

To make the viewing more interesting, I was just wondering if anyone has noticed anything oddball that I could look for.

Here are two (that fit a loose definition of “mistakes and continuity errors”):

  1. In the big battle scene, there was a quick shot of dudes on horseback in slow-mo. The movement of the horses and the churn of the ground-slop didn’t quite look right to me, like two separate guys did those parts and weren’t allowed to speak to each other.

  2. I thought the guy’s hat blowing off looked really bad, like you could just feel that he was in front of a green screen with a fan.

Any others?