Avatar 2 was mostly scenes from the first movie with a couple new scenes

another fine film from Jame$ Cam€ron

No shit, Sherlock. It was the extended Special Edition, NOT “Avatar 2”.

Yeah, what Chimera said. It wasn’t Avatar 2, it was just “Avatar re-released, with added scenes”

I’m pretty sure you two have been whooshed.

Or at least that’s what my friend told me.

Clue part C was the same as A and B except for those last five minutes.

My friend wants to know if this “re-release” is of the first Avatar? Or a new movie…?

And shit? :confused:

But it was released as Avatar 2 on laserdisc. :smiley:

Was it “Avatar 2: The Last Rainforest”?

You’re not really even trying much any more, are you, PSXer?