Avatar criticism thread

Shit talk individual avatars HERE. Mine, yours, or anyone else’s. Why does mine suck? Why is yours awesome? Why doesn’t rat avatar have a rat for an avatar yet? Ask these questions, and answer them, in this thread.

I hated that movie :smiley:

Mine’s awesome because GWAR. Yours is awesome because hippos excrete their own sunscrean that is blood red. Very metal.

The face of your hippo is hard to distinguish. :mad:

We survived the great flood, a war or thirty, the depression, a few famines and Barry Manilow without avatars. Tell me again why we need them now?

Now get off’ve my lawn. :wink:

I havent posted an avatar pic yet because they need to be so damn small that any pic I’ve wanted to use becomes virtually unidentifiable once it’s uploaded here. If i find one that works ill add it but im not adding a pic just to have a pic.

I didn’t like the idea of the avatars for about 5 seconds before I had to admit to myself I love that the board now has them, I will be picking one as soon as I get to my laptop and find one I like.

I liked Gatopescado’s catfish one, as it made such perfect sense but I cannot tell at all what their current one is. Maybe two people posing together? Drunky Smurf’s above is also good as are octopus’s and Troutman’s both by design for the space and telling us who they are. And some likely have personal significance or are attempts to say something about themselve (kayaker likes beer). Those are potentially fun. But many are simply poor choices for the size of the canvas.

I’m not proud of my own choice honestly but then my screen name also reflected my lack of creativity at this sort of stuff as well.

gato seems to change his everyday, which is fun. I can’t tell what snfaulkner’s is - wait, I’ll ask:

Hey, snfaulkner, what is your avatar? It’s holiday Deadpool or ??? Thanks!

I have liked a lot of them. My favorite is Gatopescados ever changing one. Just when I think he’s got THE one he changes it. Fun.

I thought it was some sort of off-model Deadpool, too, until his post. GWAR is a heavy metal band known for their use of elaborate fantasy costumes on stage.

Yes, it is holiday odorous urungus, family style. Which means there is no cuttlefish of cthulu.

What’s an “Avatar”?

Thanks DSeid.

I literally went through 14 different pics of that same little figure just to find one that wasn’t so blurry as to be unrecognizable. The current one is still blurry but enough to distinguish what it is.

But I guess the blurriness also lends itself to the Drunky-iness.

So that’s cool.

DSeid yours is clean and concise. I like Sunny Daze’s and Miller’s because that’s how I kind of imagined them to be.

Great Job! ever-body for adapting so well to this change.

You rock. :cool:

So…youre telling this is happening to your posts by some supernatural means? Woo, we are being invaded by the MB evil spirit of avatars. Look out folks, it’s gonna get ugly up in here.:wink:

It is either a tall blue alien


An awesome American Anime about a ten year old boy, Aang, who is the last Air Bender, who can bend Air, Water, Earth and Fire. And is friends with Mad Genius King Bumi of the Earth Kingdom.
HA HA HA Beck! I just noticed your sig. That’s funny right there.

I also noticed mine was turned off. And not by me. Now I’m not the one who turned it on in the first place. I believe it was board software. But I’m also not the one who turned it off.

Imma turn it back on.

Damn you software! :mad:

I like yours Drunky, too.

I like everyone’s so far.

My favorite interpretation of an avatar would be me channeling a god and unleashing some cleansing fire. Blue aliens or Aang works too.


You musta bumped yo head.

Dude, you’re killing me.
(BTW do I have a sig, what is a sig??)