Avatar is already the highest grossing film of all time.

So do they really need to be inundating us with ads and promos all over television and the internet for the goddamned DVD? Haven’t they made enough already?


I think higher ticket prices had a lot to do with it.

Next one is 3D under the sea. Won’t that be freaky!

Wikipedia lists a promotional budget estimate of $150 million.

$150 million to promote a movie. It’s like everyone involved with making it said “We spent a lot of money making this movie, and by God you’re going to eat it!”

It’s also being re-released this summer with 6 minutes more effects. Cite.

Which actually is fine with me because I never got around to seeing it on the big screen.

Do you suppose that human greed has limits?

It’s already 40 minutes too long.
I would almost have considered it watchable if they had kept it under 2 hours.

Enough? We’re talking money here.

I find it somewhat ironic that the DVD version comes packaged with a cardboard box over the snapcase which I always throw away anyway. That doesn’t sound very eco-friendky for a release that was marketed to come out on Earth Day.

What’s wrong with earning more money while harming nobody? Oh right, nothing.

I was disappointed that, with the advent of 3D TVs on the market recently, the studio didn’t see fit to release a 3D home video version. A blockbuster available early in the format’s life would have been great to blow the market wide open, but instead I’ve read that they’re waiting for greater market penetration of the sets. sigh

And the girlfriend just threw $2500 at a TV that could handle 3D, too…

Well, to be fair, they probably budgeted this DVD release and marketing long before the film was even released - not knowing they would be swimming in cash.
Remember, there were even threads here predicting box-office disaster for this film.

Having worked at a film studio, I have seen budgets created before production even begins - and they will set a nice chunk of change aside for DVD marketing. It is called Covering Your Ass in case the film doesn’t do well - and if it does do well at the box office, then the gravy train has arrived.

Still, they have to plan packaging, ads on television, newspapers, posters, cardboard figures at your local Walmart/Best Buy etc. and tie-in’s with Burger King, etc. There is a lot of work that goes into DVD marketing and sales. It might look silly for them to do this with Avatar, but if the film had not been a gigantic hit, you can damn well bet they would still be doing everything they can to milk the last nickel out of the film anyway.

Excessive and ubiquitous advertising imposes psychic costs on our collective sanity.

Oh, I’m sure they’ll release a 3d version within the next year so they can bury us in even MORE advertising.

I don’t see the problem here. On the other hand I do get annoyed by the ads where they ask you to come back and see the movie in theaters again. Why would I do that? And if I want to, a commercial isn’t necessary. I don’t think Avatar is doing this, but other blockbusters sometimes do.


I’m just pissed that the DVD came with NO extras! WTF?

The type of ad blitz they’re conducting, it seems to me, is the same level of advertising you’d bring to support a new movie in the theaters. This movie is the highest grossing movie of all time, so everyone already knows about it, yet I can’t watch the NBA playoffs without LeBron dunking the ball while transforming into a blue alien every 10 minutes.

However, I see I’m not going to be able to convince anyone that this is annoying, since you all seem to be pulling for that scrappy underdog James Cameron to succeed.

It might be. I haven’t seen more than a couple of playoff games this year, and I’m not paying attention to the ads. You know they’re going to advertise the DVD release. Why wouldn’t they?

That must be it: people disagree with you because they’re stupid fanboys.

Don’t dispute me, Marley!

This reminds me of a totally real conversation I had with James Cameron one day…

It’s so they can release an extra special version later. Duh.