Avatar - I've only seen the trailer, and I hate it already.

Well of course the human/smurf lovers win and everyone else loses and it’s sad.

It strikes me as Dances with Wolves II, now with blue people and better weapons.

As another said, Cameron’s films are not exactly high cinema, but are fun to watch. I for sure will see this one opening weekend.

So, Dances With Wolves, if the Sioux were were Smurfs, and the US Army were from Halo? :smiley:

Maybe it sounds pretty cool after all!

Oh, wait. They did Dances With Wolves II already. It was called “The Last Samurai”.

That wasn’t a particularly awesome nor memorable film, but I’d say it was decently solid. If you add some amazing special effects and battles to that, I’d be pretty satisfied.

A lot of people around the internet have dismissed the plot of the film as Ferngully or Dances With Wolves, sometimes going as far as to complaining about its lack of originality.

These people have not seen the film. They have only seen selected clips and trailers. And when has unoriginal plot elements stopped a movie from being good?

I don’t mind if, after looking at the trailer, someone decides it’s not the kind of movie they want to see. But I find it the height of presumptuousness to dismiss it as unoriginal or badly written, when you have not seen it yet.

Thanks, now my coworkers are wondering why I guffawed loudly in a quiet room. Yea smurf those smurfing Smurfs!

Now me, i would research mating customs and reproductive physiology before committing to a relationship with the Space Elfess. She may look like Nightcrawler’s hot older sister, but if the female devours the male after being impregnated, it can put a crimp in your long-term plans.

Your point is very well taken and I do agree with this 100%, from an intellectual standpoint.


  1. We’re talking about hot alien sex with a hot alien hottie.
  2. I’m just speaking for myself here, but I have–and can use–a brain and a penis…just not at the same time. :wink:

I will definitely see it, but then I’m a sucker for sci fi movies of any sort. Sure, the basic plot has been told and retold dozens, if not hundreds of times in cinema over the years(evil men(usually white) driving out the peace loving and beautiful natives for fun and profit). But hell, what movie HASN’T been retread 100 times?

The devil is in the details. Hell, Underworld was just Romeo and Juliet rehashed with vampires and werewolves. Still a damned good movie.
Also, this proves to be a more interesting concept than dances with wolves, since the hero dude is operating the thing by remote, meaning he’s in constant contact with home base. Its not like DWW where he is alone with the natives for years on end. Its much harder to go native surrounded by your peers and bosses.

That said, it is overhyped. I’m expecting a solid, if not overly imaginative plot, and some truly stellar special effects. A fun popcorn movie, but doubtful it will have a space on my shelf in 20 years.

Makes retirement planning MUCH easier though, so it may still be a wash.

That’s a damn good question. And yet, clearly, it’s the script that gets left out as an important detail with certain directors.

I suspect it may be that directors known for their wiz-bang effects and ludicrous action sequences wouldn’t know a good script if it smacked them in the face.

It looks like Disney’s Pocahantus in Space.

I thought this was supposed to be “the next big thing” as far as special effects go. I watched the HD trailer last night and wasn’t impressed at all. Yeah, it’s not Matrix: Reloaded bad, but the CG is still very obvious. This is nowhere near as ground breaking as Jurassic Park or Terminator 2.

I get bored with video game cutscenes after 30 seconds or so. Why the hell would I want to watch one for two hours?

I’ve been underwhelmed by the previews I’ve seen so far, and I say that as a big fan of Cameron (Aliens, The Abyss and *True Lies *are particular favorites), and of sf films generally. :: Shrugs :: I’ll wait for the reviews - doubt I’ll rush right out on opening weekend. Right now, though, judging by the buzz here and elsewhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if Avatar bombs.

This. So much this. The Andorians in Star Trek were more believable looking than these aliens. The first few images I saw of this movie only showed the aliens, not humans, so I thought it was a GCI only movie like Shrek or Ice Age, in which case, fine. But the movie also has actual live action humans too? Whu? Roger Rabbit seemed more in place with humans than these things.

The technology used was built to make it easier to move CGI and human actors together. It allows for them to interact more fully. It doesn’t have anything to do with the graphics.

We’ll see. I’ve noticed special effects are sort of hard to judge via trailers, stuff that looks like crap in a 2 sec clip works well when your actually watching the movie.

Most recent example I can think of is District 9, the aliens looked a lot more fake in the trailer then they did when I actually went to watch the movie. I think to accept even decent cgi characters, it helps to be engaged in the plot.

Man, if you thought the movie looks bad, try reading the book! I only glanced at the back cover, but the description sounds soooooo lame.