Avatars and signatures?

I’ve heard evidence on this board that some people have avatars and signatures. However, even as a Member, I can’t see anyone’s avatars or sigs. Am I supposed to?

Avatars are disabled on the board, although some people use a Greasemonkey script to get avatar-like functionality.

Signatures should be visible to you if people are displaying them. However, people rarely do since the “show signature” box is unchecked by default. I’ll check it so you can test that you can see them. If you don’t see my signature, it means you have them set not to be visible in your UserCP: click the link in the upper left of the screen, and go to Edit Options. In the Thread Display Options section, you’ll see a check box labeled Show Signatures. Make sure it’s checked.

Oh, okay. I just went to the UserCP and now I can see signatures. Thanks :slight_smile: