Average height by country or region?

I am interested in finding out the male and female average heights of countries from all over the world, but I am having trouble finding resources and materials. I would also like some statistics that are up-to-date… for example, the Americans were the tallest people in the world last century, but they were beaten by the Scandinavians in the middle of this century, and it seems like people such as the Serbs or the Russians are even taller than the Scandinavians.

Anyone know of any modern statistics (last 15-20 years or so) that I can peruse? It would be great if something like this existed on the Net, but I have searched with a number of engines and I can find practically no material on the topic. it seems difficult to believe that nobody has such a web site up and running yet.

I can’t even figure out what the world average height is! I’d be interested in doing a lot of things with such material, but I can find little data. Does anyone know where I can look on the net? Thanks.

You might have this link already, but here it goes, anyway: http://www.ohio-state.edu/units/research/archive/taller.htm

I’ll keep looking.

Thank you, I do indeed have that link. It is just about the only solid source of information I could find, and it talks about American and Scandinavian men born in the 1950s. the information is a little restricted, and a little outdated. If you think about it, in this decade the average male height for the dutch is probably more than 178 cm (5’10"). In fact, 178 cm is probably close to average height in many parts of the world.

I am surprised that there seem to be no data available on the Internet. Let me know if you find anything, and thanks!