Average IQ of Straightdopers?

What do you think the avrage IQ of Straightdopers is? I think it is above average - maybe 125, based on the verbal agility and level of interests, although some of us seem to be fairly dumb.

I suspect it’s a bit higher than the average member of the planet, only because it’s being selected for. To get here you need computer skills (not really requiring higher IQ, but still the domain of people who do well on IQ tests, IMHO), and an interest in the topic matter here, which does select for more thoughtful people, on average.

We could do a poll of dopers, but I bet they’d lie.

my guess? 122

Your IQ is a measurement of how good you are at doing IQ tests. Nothing more, nothing less. I know some members of Mensa who are really stupid, except when it comes to doing IQ tests. So, don’t worry about it.


Wow, what a thread to mis-post to.

I don’t know. I hate IQs. I think they are are a Zionist plot and your ability to post to the right thread is a far more accurate measurement of intelligence. :wink:

My Swedish IQ was around 68 the last time I checked.

Your Swedish IQ is the score you receive on an online IQ test, that’s written entirely in Swedish (which you shouldn’t be able to read. If you can, you’ll need to find your <non-known language> IQ for comparable results.)

But for IQ tests within the taker’s native language, Dopers in general will have a higher average than the average population–the place in general selects for a population with (at the minimum) good language skills–which are probably one of the more important aspects of the ability to score well on such tests. Add in further selection pressure for critical thinking and creativity, and that’ll drive the average range higher as well. (Yes, yes, I know people who are creative, intelligent, and well-spoken who don’t do well on tests for the life of them, and high-scorers whose imaginations entered rigor mortis at the age of 4, bafflingly manage to walk upright and use opposable thumbs, and whose vocabulary set contains little more than “ugh”. Still, we’re talking averages here.)

My parents finally told me what my IQ was (I took the test in elementary school to get into a gifted program)
I impressed myself :slight_smile:

What do I score if I guess closest?

I have no idea what my IQ is - back when I was tested, it was a great secret. Whatever. I can dress myself and balance my checkbook - what more does a person need??

It’s somewhere around 200. Also, the average income is somewhere in the realm of $6,000,000 per person. We are all married to either supermodels, rock stars, or professional athletes. Whichever 2 of that group we are not married to, we are having affairs with.

We are also all extremely gifted in the sack and have this uncanny ability to live a life free of illness, misery, or difficulty.

I was going to guess 121, for all the reasons Qadgop mentioned, and I see he was only one point different from that.

Obviously all of us in this thread are MUCH higher (snort) but the average of we geniuses are brought down a wee bit by the just-plain-smart folks.

Wasn’t the average IQ something like 90?

Anyhoo whats the requirement for Mensa? I remember 10 questions on an airline magazine that were called “Mensa Quiz” 4 of the 10 had the wrong answers :confused:

The average IQ is 100 (by definition).

IQ of those SDMBers who agree with RiverRunner: 211
IQ of the other slimeballs lurking herein: 42
Isn’t it obvious? :smiley:

I think 122 it too high. That would mean only about 7% of the general population is smarter than the average doper. I 've read enough stupid questions and stupid answers in GQ to convince me that’s not the case.

I would guess the figure is well above 100 but probably not higher than 115 (84th percentile).

i am sorry my iq will draw the score lower cause I only got 90

This seems to be my night to mention Mensa. Official requirements are you have to score in the top 2% of an intelligence test once. I got in on my old SAT scores and have done my level best to forget all the numbers so put me down as high enough to be an embarrassment, low enough to have a few traces of common sense left.


My thought is that the overall average here is the same as any basic cross section of people at the mall. There are some people here that strike me as possibly having a fairly high IQ, as well as a few who I am convinced rank somewhere between slugs and cabbages who come here to be “smart by association”. How well or poorly something is written here means little, based on time and resources. Something very well written could have been done by an average imbicile who agonizingly wordsmithed it over a period of hours or even days, involving many independant opinions before being posted just as we’ve all seen people of “proven” intelligence post rambling mumbo jumbo in a fit of confusion, anger or impulse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; with access to the internet and spell/grammar checks, anyone can appear to be a genius. Except for navigation, I know nothing about astronomy, but give me a day or two and I’ll come up with a disertation on the outer edges of the cosmos that will astound the likes of Hawking. Ask me about Alpha Centauri in person though and my eyes will glaze over.

That said, I also agree that IQ itself means very little to me. When I worked in China Lake, one of our laboratories had what we called the Geek Wing aka Einstein Alley. Everyone who worked there had IQ’s over 150 and several were pushing 200. These guys literally had the hair that never saw a comb, came to work with mismatched socks and even shoes (and I’m talking about a running shoe with an oxford). One guy routinely came to work with a coat hanger sticking up behind his head because he never thought to remove the hangar from the shirt. My own father in law is a genius and I can tell you this… it IS possible to be too smart in the head.

Give me a guy with street smarts and common sense any day. Anyone can be book-learned. Not everyone can think on their feet when it matters, about stuff that matters.

As for myself, my IQ is 178.

Yes… I AM full of shit:) I have no idea what my IQ is. The closest I have come to being tested was my military GCT score, but that was in 84 and apparantly after 1980 the tests were changed so there is no correlation between that and an IQ score. Either way, I consider myself an idiot. Keeps me humble and wanting to learn more each day.

That is my personal indicator for signs of intelligence: a willingness to learn. And humility.

I, too, am a moron. :smiley: