Aversion to cucumber and melon?

I love melon, but don’t care for cucumbers. I don’t hate them, but they’re kinda slimy.

Oh, my God, I HATE cucumbers and everything else they touch. I also poke out sushi cucumber with a chopstick. Ewww! I bought a burrito tonight at a Mexican place that everyone is raving about. Chopped up cucumber in the salsa! Yuck! I also hate melons. Which they always serve at breakfast conferences that I always go to. For me, GROSS! Don’t even like to touch or smell against my food! Watermelon is not so bad. But cantaloupes and honey melons, nope. I love all other foods and I am not at all picky.

Oh, and I also love pickles.

I have this SAME reaction… the most powerful ones have been cucumbers and by far watermelon. Sometimes with things like cantaloupe i taste and have a reaction that is similar. It’s kind of weird. I can have a salad with the cucumbers removed after being in there, and before the first bite it’s so overpowering. It’s the same thing with a watermelon… Funny thing, with the artificial watermelon flavors like candy or bubblegum I actually like the flavor, but if I take one bite of the actual fruit my body has a reaction that wants to reject it. A very powerful smell, taste reaction. It’s terrible… I have studied different fruits like these and not all similar ones do this or have this effect…

And I love pickles! Something happens in the pickle process that completely takes away whatever it is that the cucumber has… I believe its just some natural thing, but yeah! Pickles are ok!

I have the same issue more or less. I cannot stand the flavor and stench of watermelon and melons. When I was a bit younger I had the same kind of aversion to cucumber as well but was somehow able to overcome it more or less.
And this is from someone who pretty much likes all fruits and vegetables I have ever tasted - except watermelon and melon.

I agree, cucumbers and melons are quite atrocious. They’re the worst thing to ever exist. You are not crazy. Cucumbers and melon haters unite!

I am deeply offended. Watermelon is the best thing that ever happened to humankind. In ancient times, watermelon was worshipped and thought to be sacred. Harry Styles even wrote a song about his love for watermelon. I’m actually really sorry for you, you have never experienced true happiness. As for cucumber, I think it’s ok I don’t really feel too strongly about it.


Typical response from a watermelon hater. You need to eat watermelon and let love into your heart. Life without watermelon is filling you with hate and evil.

Watermelon sugar isn’t even a good song. Watermelon tastes like the Sahara desert with a pinch of horse shit accompanying it. Hate has a home in my heart and I’m ok with that

Ok, it is obvious that these are the same poster. It is not permitted to have two usernames on this site. I have banned the cucumberhater34 name, but since you may not have known the rule I have allowed watermelonsugar to remain. However, do not play games like this on this site or you will be banned.