Aviation; how high are the planes over the Leevy NDB?

How high are the planes as they pass over the Leevy NDB? Granted, that NDB is no longer in use, but it was part of the ILS (I believe) approach for 23L at KRDU. The planes still cross it as they head down to 23L, and I’d like to know how far off the ground are they at/near that point?
Skyvector link: https://skyvector.com/?ll=35.877638889,-78.787472222&chart=301&zoom=2

Leevy does not appear on the approach plate for ILS 23L at KRDU, or on any of the other approaches to that runway.

I’m too lazy to go find it on an enroute chart and compare. But I’m guessing if it was once on the ILS it might have been the final approach fix. The current glideslope intercept / FAF is at APUCU, which is 5.5 DME from the threshold. Aircraft would cross it at 1800’ MSL. The field elevation is 435’, so that would make it about 1400’ AGL. Somewhere there is someone who can do the actual math, but I’m just a dumb pilot. :slight_smile:

A smidge over 4 miles from the threshold by the looks of it, https://photos.app.goo.gl/485qLw6kywVrXARt8.

At 320’ per mile it puts aircraft at 1280’ above the runway.

You could use flightradar24 or flightaware and see the altitude of planes as they pass over.

Thanks for all the info and the heavy lifting. The planes sure look closer than that, but I’d trust hard-calculated data before my gut reckoning.

I created a flightaware account last week, but I can’t figure out how to get the precise altitude info. I’m still working on it, but I’m not sure I get the resolution/detail that I need. Regardless, I’ll go with the ~1300 feet nominal. Thanks again!!

I’ve just had a look at a live flight crossing the LEEVY NDB. SWA1266, in the screen shot below, is approximately over LEEVY at about 1700’ above sea level which puts it about 1300’ above the airport. I’ve got a screenshot of the LEEVY NDB in relation to the airport and surrounding roads for context.

The other piece of information you need is the height of the ground at LEEVY, it’s not necessarily the same as at the airport.