Avril's open jacket at Grammy Awards

A google search yielding nothing, I now turn to my fellow Dopers.

First, let’s collectively get our minds out of the gutters.

Very good. Here is my question- what was Avril Lavinge opening her jacket to show at the start of her Grammy performance? I heard it may have been an Anti-War message (in FOX News coverage about the counterclaims between Sheryl Crow & Grammy officials as to if any participants were asked/told not to express anti-war sentiments) but there was no definite information.

Btw, I’m pro-Bush, not thrilled with the prospect of war but not against it, but I think that anyone should have been allowed to express any sentiment that is not obscene, hateful or time-consuming.

Check out this thread.

It said, “Rock On.”

what a bunch of corporate network wusses!

Next time she oughtta just not wear a shirt underneath…

Mmmmmmmmm! L