Censorship at the Grammys: CBS executives to forbid anti-war statements

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God forbid rock mucisians make political statements. You would have never caught Bob Dylan doing that, or Neil Young or John Lennon.
One self-righteous douche bag has this to say

Music is a form of political expression, Fuckbubble

Really? The brink of war is not the time for political commentary? Then when the fuck is the time. pray tell?

Fuck these gutless assholes. I hope this thing turns into an unplugged marathon of anti-war monologues. I hope Springsteen plays “War.” If rock muscians can’t make anti-war statements then the terrorists really have won.

CBS does not want celebrities to use the GRAMMY Awards as a soapbox, seems reasonable to me.

I agree with Antimanics. If they want to spout off on a political topic, they can do so in any number of ways. There’s no need to hijack an awards show just to get your views out there.

I also agree. It is a night to celebrate the best in the business, and honor creativity and service to the music industry. There is a time and a place for the political statements, and the Grammy Awards is neither.

Does anyone even watch the Grammys?

CBS can kiss my ass! :mad: But then I forget- nowadays, if one believes in freedom of speech and thought then that person must be a dangerous terrorist who should die!!! We’ve gotten to be like a nation of damn sissified sheep. :rolleyes:

This isn’t a freedom of speech issue, it is an appropriate time and place issue.

This is not a freedom of speech issue, as neither CBS nor The Grammys are the government.

Or, what Gangster Octopus just said. :smiley:

C1505: It is a night to celebrate the best in the business, and honor creativity and service to the music industry. There is a time and a place for the political statements, and the Grammy Awards is neither.

Really? They didn’t seem to mind providing a soapbox last year for Recording Academy president Michael Greene to make political statements about music piracy:

Sounds like CBS doesn’t have a problem with political statements in the Grammys, as long as they happen to be political statements that CBS endorses.

Where is SOY BOMB when we need him?

Well, considering the advertisers that jumped ship when Bill Mahr insinuated (and that’s about all he did) the military were cowards and the terrorists were ‘courageous’ (freely admit it got blown out of proportion like the whole Al Gore/Internet thing) and the subsequent cancellation/rehosting of the show, I’d say CBS has a legit worry.

Next, CBS pays the bills and provides the broadcast for the show. They can, if they want, tell those that attend that there will be certain restrictions. This isn’t censorship- not in the Constitutional way anyway- it’s business. Those attending are free not to attend- just as those concerned about being searched at a concert or when parking near a Post Office (both detailed on these pages recently) are free to not attend the concert or take their business elsewhere.

And last, considering that most of these so-called celebrities know just as much about this potential war as I do (meaning very little past what’s publicly published and broadcast) and considering that surprisingly few celebs have whole divisions of intelligence-gathering operatives, don’t see the U2 mission photographs and don’t have their own constellations of KH-11 surveillance satellites, why is their opinion any more important than anyone elses’?

Eminem’s gonna be at the Grammys? That must mean his opinion on the potential Iraq War is more important than, say, 50 Cent’s. I assume that also means Springsteens’ opinion is more important than Pete Townsends, or David Gilmores’.

-Recording-industry people speaking out against what they see as recorded-media theft during a recording-industry event, is political? That seems an odd definition of politics.

God but you are an idiot. You are obviously not aware what freedom of speech means. Before you jerk your knees, why don’t you go finish the third grade. Fucking moron.

I’m sorry, but this just ruined your whole rant for me. Popular music is about as political as breakfast cereal. It’s all about marketing, even rap.

Anyway, I, too, get incredibly annoyed at celebrities who use media access to spout fuzzy drivel that for many (though not all) passes for an intelligent opinion. Sorry, but I’d much rather hear a debate by a handful of random dopers than listen to Britney Spears babbling trite, half-baked opinions.

On the other hand, maybe she doesn’t get enough credit.

I’m reminded of a classic SNL skit with, I believe, the Oscars being hijacked for political speeches. Dan Akroid as Jimmy Carter condemns individuals who use the oppertunity of an award ceremony to honor creative achievement and not spout political rhetoric.

I think CBS should try to keep the grammys on topic. If I want to hear about politics I’ll watch C-SPAN. If I want to see worthless statues being passed out I’ll watch the grammys.

I agree with other’s that CBS’s edict is reasonable. I do however wish they would let celebrities soapbox because I’d have a better idea of who to hate.

other’s, oh boy. Where was that thread about grammar and old age?

Sadly, this is far from true, at least as far as the artists who will be at the Grammys. Neither Pink, nor Britney Spears, nor Norah Jones, nor the Dixie Chicks, nor Ashanti, nor 'NSYNC have based their careers in any way on political expression. The truly sad thing about this is that in this case, you’re wrong and the exec is right (at least as far as what the music is about).

Corporations may not want artists to speak freely, either informed or drivelous, but that’s what free speech is about, the freedom to say what you want, however inappropriate. There may be consequences, such as the mic being unplugged or a contract being revoked, but that’s the price you pay for freedom. It’s about time some celebrities used that precious and expensive air time to voice some anti-war sentiment, the mainstream media isn’t doing it.

How much better would we think of any pop diva who spoke intelligently for the need for America to show the world that peace is more important than killing.