Aw C'mon, why no jokes in the Pit? Sometimes...

the only way for the joke to fly is to post it in the Pit. What’s the big deal? If one wishes to post some thread * posing * as a rant, it sort of undercuts the joke if it can only be posted in MPSIMS!

I understand that we have a good spread of forums to cover all types of posts, but it seems clear to me that jokes should be allowed anywhere, depending on what kind of joke it is. I haven’t oticed anyone posting a series of “knock Knock” jokes in the Pit, just satirical/parody Pit threads.

Loosen up!

Jokes about Cecil’s Columns should go in the forum Comments on Cecil’s Columns, while jokes about Staff Reports should go in the forum Comments on Staff Reports.

Jokes about entertainment and sports belong in Cafe Society, and jokes about topics of major significance (abortion, God, politics etc) belong in Great Debates. Jokes about computers and the internet and message boards belong in ATMB, of course.

Jokes that begin “A [something] walked into a bar…” or “How many [somethings] does it take to change a lightbulb” belong in IMHO since they reflect the jokester’s own opinion about the [something]-group. Hate jokes are not permitted.

Jokes that has no particular ethnicity or animal in them belong in MPSIMS, as do knock-knock jokes and jokes with no particular point to them. Similarly, jokes relating to excretory functions.

Riddle-jokes (like “-gry” or the missing two dollars or driveway/parkway) belong in General Questions, along with jokes about the armed forces (some of which should be in Admirabl*e Questions*, but we don’t have such a forum.

Naturally, jokes that are told by a specific comedian should not be repeated in full, since we strongly adhere to copyright protections.

Jokes that are not funny are punishable by the Administration.

That clear it up?

Dex, I believe you have answered a question I posted several months ago: What are the basic jokes?

The basic jokes are nos. 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11-17, 21, 45-117, 333, 500-616, and, under certain special conditions, 3119.
Hope that helps.
You do have the Master List, don’t you?

Some of those are also Prime Jokes.


Not a bit!

Still don’t see how to make a parody rant that belongs anywhere but the pit…

Would you still try to show some mercy for me? I’m mexican, and I don’t get what is a joke and what is a violation of the SDMB rules, with all those banning issues around… I’ve got a little paranoid, that’s why I don’t play jokes here (anyway I sometimes try to). May you give me some “instructions booklet for the foreign poster” please?

Hi Grousser. How’s this?
NO JOKES - absolutely not – in the BBQ Pit.
SOME JOKES ALLOWED (depending on thread topic and context) in any other forum.

If you’re unsure of things, lurk a bit longer, watch what others do, and the reactions. Or ask the mods and admins for advice.

There are loads of jokes in the Pit already. Occasionally, I have the misfortune of interacting with some of them.

<< I don’t get what is a joke and what is a violation of the SDMB rules, with all those banning issues around. >>

Um, my post, listing the “types” of jokes and where they go, was a joke.

The question of what’s permitted and what’s not… hell, we don’t know precisely. Racist jokes are generally not welcome. Well-honed satire is almost always appreciated. Jokes about some topics – like death, rape, terrorism, suicide – are risky, especially if the joke is so dry that some don’t know you’re joking. Joke threats are risky, too.

If you think it’s borderline whether people will understand that it’s a joke, then don’t. Or preface with something to indicate that it’s a joke. I mean, sheeeeeesh, are y’all really asking the Mods to set up rules about joking???

What Dex meant to say here, clearly, was “jokes about entertainment and the arts.”

– Uke, Cafe Society mod and closet sports-hater.

And really, would Dex lye to you?

[ul]:cool: [sup]For some reason I heard this “Whoosh” sound and a cold breeze blowing thru my hair.[/sup][/ul]

Nah, just don’t believe I am willing to post all kind of jokes here and there, it was only curiosity, because sometimes, posting or replying, it may happen that one can do some kind of innocent joking comment and may be misundertood as another thing.

So, it would be good to have something like an [unaware] tag.

(You see? That is a stupid circumstantial comment!)

I am actually quite happy with the no jokes in the Pit policy. I don’t mind the satires and fake rants. I absolutely hate the fake pittings of a poster though. When I see Stoid in the subject line I expect to hear how anyone could be pissed off at Stoid.

Irks me to no end to find it is a continuation of some inside joke I am not privy to and don’t care to wade through in the first place. Call me the grumpy old man of the SDMB.

Grumpy old man of the SDMB.