Humor section?

New here, if this place doesn’t have a humor section, it ought to - would especially help attitudes in these crazy times. Jokes, old and new, ect…

Just a thought.

MPSIMS is the forum for posting jokes, humorous stories, etc. We regularly have such threads there. We prefer not to break down forums into very narrow topics.

I’d hate to see someone get modded for posting something funny outside the Humor forum.

You have nothing to worry about.:wink:

Ooh, score! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know something funny.

Oh, wait…that is someONE funny. Don’t like being hurtful.

Carry on…

I’ve written some humor pieces, including poetry. Got some on Trump some here might like.

Welcome to the Dope, @Dinoguy! Humour that is particularly political in nature might be judged to be more suitable for Politics & Elections. Also, there’s lot of humour in the Pit, usually in the way of scathing put-downs of other posters or individuals in the news who deserve it. The Pit has relatively few restrictions on, well, on just about anything. Except that wholly inoffensive threads may get moved out of the Pit to a more appropriate forum.

Mirth, shenanigans, and general malarkey are not tolerated in a sophisticated discussion venue such as the Straight Dope Message Board.

Somewhere, there is (or was?) a rule that parody posts belong in the Pit, as in this classic example.