Aw, Jezus Krist, man I feel so good!

I just had a capuccino… Who needs to legalize anything when we’ve got so many mind-blowing legit drugs? ::reminisces to that night I took an old-fashioned allergy pill:: Oooh, man, what a night!

Chocolate is the drug of choice. Never fails to induce instant euphoria. Combined with caffeine, well…let’s just say that me + mocha = dangerous.

I used to work with the strangest Starbucks partner who was always reminiscing about past home-drug experiments. The story of the time he drank three bottles of cough syrup and went bike riding nekkid almost scared me. :eek:

Strange random memory from my youth inspired by this thread… When I was about 10 I found a sheet of pills on the floor. I decided to take one. To this day I wonder what the hell they were because nothing happened.