Aw Snap! The new version of Chrome is screwed up

I have the current “stable release” - 15.0.874.106. About every 10th page, I get the “Aw Snap!” error. Very annoying.

I tried creating a new User Profile, but that didn’t help. Anyone seeing this… got any ideas on how to fix it?

I have the same version and no problems. Check your add-ons. Maybe one of them is not playing nice with the rest of the browser.

I’ve had the current version for a few days and haven’t had any issues.

K364, the official Chrome forum is a better place to get responses to questions like these.

What operating system are you using? Are there any patterns that you notice about what causes a page to ‘Aw Snap’?

You haven’t turned on any flags in about:flags, have you? (If you don’t know what about:flags is, this the answer is ‘No’).