Awesome lawyer letter

Even the non-lawyers might enjoy this response to charges of defamation alleged by a Florida Hyundai dealership. I particularly liked the line, “Rather than finding ourselves locked in an unpleasant dispute, from which Route 60 Hyundai will emerge covered in a thick and sticky coating of humiliation…”

Definitely an example of the Streisand effect in action.

IANAL, but I enjoyed reading that.

Yep, worthy of Abe Lincoln himself.

I can guess what the Streisand Effect is, but I must admit I have never heard that term before.

Very, very funny.

It must be fun for a lawyer to be able to write a letter like that. Makes me wonder what the response was.

So is it true? Does Route 60 Hyndai, in fact, suck?

Streisand effect

Yeah, I would love to get a client that would allow me to write something like that (of course, I’d also love to be a good enough writer to pull it off).

I have no idea whether Route 60 Hyundai sucks or not. If the client’s account is true, then I guess it does.

FYI here is the page on the matter from the Citizen Law Media Project.

Nice letter

“Murum aries attigit” - “The ram has touched the wall.” Romans had the policy that held that once an assault has begun, accept no mercy or quarter. The ram touching the wall referred to the battering ram in an assault. Take it to mean “Grant no mercy!”

That reads like something** Bricker **might write…:smiley:

Marc Randazza, the lawyer who wrote the letter, is quite the writer. He recently defended Isaac Eiland-Hall against Glenn Beck. And won.

I would really love to know the outcome of it all.

The incident is now cited on the “Streisand Effect” Wikipedia page.

That’s postmodern ironic meta-something or other, innit.

The outcome would be just the dealership going quiet. The dealership’s lawyers already knew all the stuff in the Randazza letter.

Randazza could be a clever man or a wanker: it’s hard to tell. If he wrote that letter to show off his smug cleverness and lucked out when it multiplied the Streisand effect then he’s a wanker. If he did it knowing he was probably going to amplify the Streisand effect, then he was clever. There are certainly lawyers out there who write letters like that with one hand under the desk, getting off on how clever they think they are. Mainly lawyers like that are younger than Randazza is likely to be.

Ha. It’s Randazza. Constitutional specialist and lecturer at some university. But I’m pretty sure he’s just in the law for the hookers.

He did specially mention the Streisand Effect in the letter, so it sounds like he knew exactly what he was doing… his whole point is that the initial tweets were only seen by a few people, but by sending the C&D letter the dealership had shot themselves in the foot publicity-wise.

Yeah, you can tell that by his client list (with pic of Randazza, click on “Clients” to see list), which includes:

Captain Stabbin
Whipped Ass
Team Squirt
Vox Erotic
Sissy School
Euro Sex Parties
Ass Parade
Big Naturals
In the VIP

His First Amendment focus seems to be rather, uh, specialized.

Haha, yeah that’s right,:smiley: I knew there was something about his rather special client base and I knew it involved porn, but after that I wasn’t sure. I don’t remember exactly why his name was on my radar, I think he might have been the subject of some discussion a few years ago among colleagues.

That’s because porn is not only at the forefront of technology, but also First Amendment law. Let’s face it, if it weren’t for porn, we wouldn’t be half as advanced as we are now.

Just one day I’d like to start a letter with “My client, Cumfiesta…”

What else can you say?