Car dealer sues customer and message board?

I’m a member of several auto forums, and came across this today:

The thread is 12+ pages, but I’ll give a quick summary.

A fellow bought a new VW GTI, after 1500 miles, he has some problems with the car and takes it to the dealer. Basically, his car doesn’t get repaired to his satisfaction and he vents on the 'net. Meanwhile, the views and replies start adding up, and more people were posting similar stories about this car dealership. Eventually, someone decided that they would send a link to the thread to the dealership in question. The dealership then sued the original poster and the site that he posted on for libel.

Now there are 27000+ views, and the story is spreading around the net like wildfire. I’d be surprised if they were still in business in a year.

What was the dealership thinking? Were they thinking?

Car dealerships that treat their customers poorly then have the audacity to sue them should…something really bad!!!

The dealership is Jim Ellis Volkswahen/Audi in Marietta Georgia. Just wanted to spread the word beyond the automotive community.

A satisfied customer tells maybe ten people. A dissatisfied customer tells 27000. :smiley:

well if you post, they will read.

[James Earl Jones]They will read, pure, Oh yes, they most definitely will read.
Through the existence of the automobile, wars have been fought, cities have crumbled and been rebuilt, governments have risen and fallen, Presidents have lived and died.
But there has remained one constant through it all; * Car dealerships*, our fathers dealt with them, our grandfathers dealt with them, and now, we deal with them.
And if they screw you under, sell you that lemon, and you if you file a complaint,and then decide to post it, people will read.
Because it is car dealerships that we all want to see suffer.
Oh yes, people will read, people will most definitely read.[/James Earl Jones]

I’m really enjoying that thread - thanks for posting it. Just wanted to clarify this comment, though, as it sounds as if someone, in effect, turned the OPer in to the dealership behind his back, and that’s apparently not the case. On page 2, the OPer, g-man_ae, says that he sent the link to the General Manger of the dealership, himself (all bolding mine)…

and then further clarifies a couple of posts later with…

I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. It’s almost better than a soap opera!

I really appreciate your consideration in avoiding stepping on my penis - Spiny Norman
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I’m very interested to see how this comes out, because I was once in a very similar situation, only much more low-profile. The guy made some noise about threatening to sue me for defamation because I was telling people (and ha newspaper) the facts of my business dealings with him. But he never acted on it. I’ve always been curious to know what would have happened.

I finished the thread too - waah! I want resolution! The interesting thing is that the thread consisted mainly of disgruntled customers before the car dealership sued the OPer. Now everyone is pissed.

I love it. :slight_smile:

Cool link. Thanks.

I too am about half way through it. And I have to say that at this point I’m thoroughly impressed with the posters there.

I haven’t been to many message boards, but the one’s I have been to, have left me more than dissapointed-- childish rantings, garbled text, and silly code.

But these guys, these guys are great- clear, concise, to the point… and full of rage.

And I can’t imagine a better outlet for these guys rage than against a car dealership-- they are the scum of the earth.

I can’t wait to finish it, but I needed a break.

Wow, that thread rocks…without a fucking hint of slander too! :smiley:

I love it when people gang up on companies with the poorest service on earth.


The plot thickens. I’m just now getting to the actual lawsuit part.

Count me in on the side of people on g-man’s side. I love this stuff.

Something that struck me as I was reading along, however-- how would you react to having a thread here hit 32,000 views like the one that this guy started?

I don’t know what I’d do. I think I’d have to retire from message boards forever for fear of always feeling inadequate.

I’m gonna read that thread when I get a chance, but I’ve got a burning question: If someone is just stating the facts of his interaction with a business, can they be sued for libel? Would a legal expert care to comment?

If they (the dealership) do sue and win, I hope the judge awards them $1.00 and that they go out of business a month later. Seems like suing the guy would only confirm people’s suspicion that they’re evil.

Very interesting reading. I’m on page 10 now and I’m seriously tempted to pitch in to G-man’s legal fund.

Mr. Grace drives a Volkswagen and we get wonderful service each time. Of course, it could be because 80% of the people that work there are Mr. Grace’s clients.

what page is the lawsuit stuff on?

I think it’s on Page 4.

Around page four or five Opal. I’m on eight right now and it was a while back. Sorry, but I don’t want to lose my place right now and go check for sure. But it’s early on, if you’re scanning to find it.

I have to say, this is one of the cooler things I’ve read in a while. Soap opera, indeed!!

Go get 'em buddy!! I mean, I’m sitting here thinking about donating to that fund too.

And good for that message board, too! Standing behind the poster during the long haul. Makes you wonder about this place and the constant fear that a lawsuit will bring this place to it’s knee’s, and the plees to keep things way above the fray here.

The guys and gals behind that board aren’t worried. They’ve stayed out of the discussion and continue to keep the thread open.

Pretty cool, all the way around.

It’s a few shy of 36,000 now.

heresiarch, the dealership can’t possibly win if they sue for libel, AFAIK. Libel requires that the guy is lying. The better bet for the dealership would be slander. I’m sure someone will be along to correct me if I’m wrong

(sigh) I don’t have the time to read all of this…
(But, of course I am…)

Generally the requirements for libel and slander are the same. The difference is that slander is spoken; libel is written.

This is AMAZING - I know this dealer, they are right down the road from where I work.

Almost every single person in that place is an asshole!!

I should know, I bought about $7000 worth of equipment from them for my '91 Jetta (keep going there because they were the only one around), and they are all rude ignorant fucks.

Thank God, may that business die a flamming, screaming death!