Awesome super gross video (removing botfly larva from scalp)

This woman went to Belize and came back with a friend. Sadly, though, the friend overstayed its welcome and had to be evicted.

Enjoy! Not only disgusting, but also a science lesson as well!

Awesome video. I’m impressed by how calm she remained while her hubby was yanking that thing out of her skull.

I like this one better:

Gahhh! Why did I watch that?! Just the words ‘crawling around in there’ made me dry heave. I think I would have performed amateur surgery on myself the minute I knew it was in there.

I have to admit, though, that that couple was kind of adorably nerdy. He stepped up to help her out and she stayed remarkably calm.

Ha, that woman is great! “Maybe we’ll get the tripod.” “Do you see it in the frame?”

That’s awesome! I hope it happens to my husband so I can perform surgery on him.

I’d say “just kidding” but I’m not.

I’ve never seen one in a human but I’ve seen a few in animals. I wish I had a video of the time I was looking over a stray kitten with a bump on it’s head. We had a Vet. Tech. student working with us that day who followed us to the back and came through the door as I was squeezing the bump (I was just thinking abscess) when out popped a cuterebra larva. The student had walked in right then and kept on walking right out the other door. I don’t think I ever saw her again.