Awesomely comprehensive computer/tech website.

The guy that’s teaching my CompTIA A+ class made a reference site for his students, and I have to say that I found it very impressive. Chances are pretty good that anything you might need in the way of reference, freeware, troubleshooting, or just fun nerd stuff can be found there. He did it all on his own time, and there are no ads of any kind on it (or graphics for that matter). He didn’t put me up to this or anything, I just thought that such a fine body of work deserved a little recognition.

This is it

The heading says Technical Support & IT Resources, but there is a TON of stuff that everyday users would find helpful.

That looks really good, thanks!

I think his site probably has ten times the links that the GQ reference thread has for computers (child links not counted).

On a side note, I’m trying to refine that GQ thread into a file. Maybe I should start a thread about that, advice on formatting etc. When finished, the file and all of its child links would comprise a decent percentage of all human knowledge. That’s freakin cool.

The link doesn’t work for me.

Damn… I’m a tech and learned 3 new things from skimming the front page.

For example windows steady state…I had no idea they had done a “deep freeze” style package for windows.

It’s working for me. Maybe the server its on gets temperamental.

Try entering the main site first: