AWOL N.O. cops

CNN has been broadcasting a segment about a New Orleans policeman who decided that his family was more important than duty. Whether or not he is right, he will forever be One Who Ran. When his children say, ‘What did you do in the hurricane, Daddy?’ he can say, ‘Well, I tried to go back, but it became too dangerous. So I went someplace safe so that I can be here to answer that question for you.’ But he’ll always be branded as a coward.

This is a touchy subject. On one hand I can’t blame cops who chose thier families over duty, but then again there were cops who had no families that left their duties - they could be labels cowards in my book.

I’m not blaming anyone. Just saying that that’s what they’ll be called.

Is there a question in there somewhere?

This is a very, very, very, very touchy subject.

This is a very, very, very, very touchy subject.

Do cops take an oath when they come policemen? If so, what does it usually say? Do they get freebie type of things like paid tuition, maybe reduced homeowners taxes, etc. for being a cop?

I think they are cowards in the way that usually means in these circumstances. Coward means " One who shows ignoble fear in the face of danger or pain". Soldiers can be executed for that type of abandonment because it puts others in grave danger if that behavior spreads. These police officer’s jobs were every bit as important as soldier’s in battle and the circumstances were similar. People weren’t rescued as quickly and some probably died because they quit. It sets a bad precedent to go lightly on cowardly behavior under such circumstances. Other professionals like doctors took an oath too and they stayed there with danger to themselves.

OTOH, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have considered it myself. If I had the choice between being a dead hero or an alive coward I would probably take the latter mainly because of my family.

Sorry. Didn’t know.

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

It seems unfair to single out one cop who abandoned his post and put his face on the national news. It appears it was a fairly widespread problem. I read that one station that had 120 officers only had 35 of them show up for duty.

I won’t speak for the police of the New Oleans Police Department. I won’t speak of those there as victims of hurricane Katrina. But I will speak of one that took an oath to the People of the United States.

I serve those people. I have a mission, as distracted it may be from local events. Thus, I serve the People, no matter what my political stand of current events–I gotta do what I gotta do. My interpritation of the local police are to enforce local law and order in New Orleans, no matter what. Now I may have been decieved by some of the media reports I read (which may be the case), but those that abandoned their post are selfish SOBs. As peace officers, they would have recognized the dangers facing them and taken proper precautions. If they didn’t, well, granted the media may not be reporting this–but I aim my post directly at those that threw up their arms (if there were any) and said, “Aw fuck it!”. I’d same shame on them, but they may have blood on their hands.

I can’t say with any probability how many precincts/parishes lost officers, but I will look one of those selfish sons-of-bitches in the face that failed, and say, “I hope I see you later, after I come home from Iraq.”

I think there’s some mis-reporting going on, but then again, I think there’s some factual AWOLs too.

Fuck them AWOLs.

Thank you,** Tripler**

I don’t think any of us knows what we would do in similar circumstances. So how can we condemn them?

Because of all that Tripler said and because they took a sworn oath to protect and serve?

The New Orleans police have some special, long-standing traditions.

Like I said. We aren’t in their shoes.

Who cares? They took an oath. They promised. They didn’t keep their promise. I condemn myself whenever I don’t keep a promise; I will certainly do the same for them.

Aw heck, I guess I just have to ask a question or two. When Mayor Nagin ordered a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, wasn’t it the New Orleans Police Force that was supposed to enforce that evacuation? Didn’t I hear Mayor Nagin say before the hurricane hit that the police would be going through the city with bullhorns to announce the mandatory evacuation to the citizens of New Orleans?

Their families ARE their duties. Fuck some jack off oath. A man who doesn’t put his family first is no man at all.