Aww, fuck it, let's just put everything we have in a bowl

What in the name of God are KFC thinking with their new bowl o’ stuff? It’s basically like they just gave up and decided to chuck everything they make into a bowl.


What’s the big deal? It’s essentially a serving of chicken-fried chicken with a side of corn. Except it’s in a bowl instead of on a plate. Granted, the cheese is a little overboard, but hell, this is American comfort food. (Or a fast-food version thereof.)

I don’t understand the cheese topping.

It tastes good though. I like it.

I brought them home from work for dinner for the family tonight. kaylasmom pretty much had to take our word for it that there even was cheese on it.

I didn’t care, one way or the other. It was mighty tasty, and I didn’t have to cook. :slight_smile:

I was a little worried that the gravy would make the chicken strips too soggy. Nope, everything stayed perfect.

Holy crap, these things are good. It was dinner on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday this week. And I can quit any time I want. So just back the fuck up off of my mashed potato bowl!

Side note to KFC: You ever take this off the menu, and I’m going to be forced to beat the ever-living snot out of whoever made that decision.

Y’all get awesome foods in the US. I can predict that we will never, ever, ever, ever see anything like that down here. The federal government would have a fit, and probably try to ban it.

I want cheese and gravy and mashed potato and crispy strips all in a boooooowl!

Of course, this is all academic, seeing as I’m on a weightloss track at the moment, and KFC as it normally is is verboten, let alone one of these bad boys.

Here and I was ready with my car keys…

It seems like a nice scoop of hot chili would make the whole thing better!

Yeah, considering the number of ingredients KFC is dealing with, this bowl thing is less a recipe than a compendium.

I hear tell some of Pam Anderson’s old implants are in there too.

Huh. I can’t get KFC’s website by googling, and thus do not know how dead of horror and longing I should be.

Anyone got a link?

I like to eat mashed potatoes, chicken or turkey and gravy all together so that seems fine by me, but you can keep the corn and the cheese. Cheese doesn’t belong on that, just add more gravy, they never give you enough gravy.


From Rufus’s link

Try this, for the “Famous Bowl.”

And here’s the home page.

A bowl of mashed potatoes with stuff on sounds great.
But I want to know what the hell is a “cheetos brand ipod” from the home page link from kaylasdad99.

Shit, I think I justed gained 5 lbs. just from reading this thread!
Damn you all!

The cheese is what doesn’t make sense to me. You’ve got mashed potatoes, corn, chicken and gravy: an excellent combination. + cheese? EWW. Gravy and cheese should not be together.

The commercial kinda freaks me out, too, with the Sigourney Weaver-lookalike cashier and the creepy customer.

My Dad would tell me a story about his Uncle who would always mix his veg, potatoes and gravy, along with whatever the meat might be into one big mess, like a big fricassee on his plate. When asked why he did it, his answer was, “It’s all going to the same place.”

But they were Mountain Folks in WV and I think it came from the traditional practice of serving a stew and bread and potatoes all mixed in your only wooden bowl or plate ala Medieval Times. You were literally served a “mess”, hence Mess Hall, Mess Kit, etc. It was probably a vestigial throwback from being in an Appalachin holler for a few generations.