Awww, cute widdle doggy!

Don’t know how long this link will be good for, but I wanted to introduce you to Chinese crested Sam, winner for third straight year of the Ugliest Dog Contest.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up and find him curled up next to you in bed?

It’s the missing tooth that is the final, uh, je ne sais quois.

Oh, jesus christ, Eve! I’m going to have nightmares about that fucking thing!

You are a cruel woman.

Nice one!

Big turnout for five-day fair

. . . and he was even cuter before he was set on fire!

Jesus Christ, is that thing alive?

Good god o’mighty that’s one pitiful pooch! :eek:

I’m sorry, but holy shit, what happened to that pooch?!

Good God - I thought I’d actually find him kind of cute, but he looks like some sort of hideous zombie road kill.

If the Cryptkeeper had a dog, that would be it.

To recover from the nightmare Eve so kindly subjected us to, I offer cute doggy pics and proof that all small, short-haired dogs will not send you screaming in the other direction!

The Little King of the Domain
The Odd Couple

That putrefied pup should get his own George Romero movie, Dog of the Dead.

What the hell, did they feed him after midnight?


Did some bigger dog swollow it hole and then crapped him out?


Paris Hilton!

It’s the end days!


(Does L’il Sam work for Fluffy?)

In the “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” department… I don’t think anyone could invent an uglier doggie.


I was expecting Ugly, but I really wasn’t prepared for that. Holy crap! That dog should be in horror movies.

chatelaine, you’re not the only one who’s going to have nightmares tonight!

I have to ask:

Just what in the hell is that?

Thanks to the OP, I’m going ‘guns up’, and loading all of my available magazines.

Criples, you’d think it was one of the dogs of Zoul or somethin’. . .

“If anyone asks you if you’re a god . . . you say ‘YES!!’”

Canine fthagn!

It’s a hairless Chinese Crested.

Or so they SAY. I ain’t buyin’ it.