Who wants to be the one to break it to Eve? (RIP 'Ugly dog' Sam)

Eve’s favorite dog, Sam has died.

And the world is a more beautiful place because of it.

…and we retire the Ugly Stick, nevermore to swing it at a dog…

careful, did you see Tater-tot?

That’s sad. Nothing funny about puppies dying.

And I’m sure he was a very sweet dog. Which makes me feel guilty, because if I ever saw that thing in the flesh, I’d swat it with a broomstick until it no longer moved.

Tater-tot is hideous, I’ll give you that, but still not in Sam’s league, bless his heart.

The real Sam died years ago. He was interred at an Old Indian Burial Ground where the carcass was possessed and reainmated by demonic spirits.

Sam’s soul had been fighting ever since to regain control of the body. He was temporarily himself again for the first time since his death (while the demon was distracted by an unintentional nipple in this week’s The O.C.) and promptly drove himself upon a conveniently-placed crucifix, expelling both his soul and the demon from his body.

The demon now watches reruns of Raymond in Hell, and Sam has gone on to a better place.

I edited your thread title, Caricci, to help make it more descriptive.

Thank you, SkipMagic. I guess I assumed that Eve’s affection for Sam was so well-know that the title said it all. :wink:

That dog went to hell and fought his way back.

Rest in peace, fella.

sniff I have a picture of Sam taped to my locker at work. Now I’ll have to find some black crepe to drape around it. I’ll also need to put a wee tiny black armband on the Happy Meal sized Ken doll I’ve got lynched from the locker handle.

RIP, Sam. And stay down.


Not Sam!

He’s crouched under the Rainbow Bridge, scaring the holy crap out of the other dead doggies . . .

That was one ugly dog. I saw a picture of him and thought “This is a dog who’s been through hell and back.”


That dog needs to be cloned immediately.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with a shrine to l’il Sam. I have his photo in a gold frame on my bookshelf. Also hung with crepe, now . . .

There’s a little “enlarge” link next to the picture, but I don’t have the nerve to click it.

Aw, it’s such a shame he died. Seeing an image of that dog could always make me grin no matter how bad my mood.

I was reading through the updates page, and the post by Sam’s owner’s neighbor struck me. He said he hoped Sam’s publicity had encouraged other people to adopt ugly dogs-- the ones who sit in the pound with no one to love them because they’re not cute and cuddly. I hope he’s right.

But why is Sam…so unappealing? Was he injuried in an accident or abused or something?

Well, Sam was a hairless Chinese Crested, a rather, um, unique looking breed. I surmise that with age and the resulting eye/skin/teeth problems, he became less than appealing.